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Meeting of minds

Bloody hell, I leave it for a week and this happens? Well, not quite, but according to W&WW CK has pulled out of the meeting on Sunday, because he’s had to go abroad on club business. I’ll state the obvious right away – some people will see this as a cop out (or should that be Kop out? Ho ho) on behalf of our chairman. People will accuse him of having something (nasty) to hide – however (again, according to W&WW) he did offer to meet a smaller group on Saturday, subsequently turned down by WISA (presumably because of accusations of cliquism), so the guy is willing to talk.

This event may also explain why WFC was so reluctant to publicise the meeting – according to Reg Davis (who as many of you know is an individual I have no time for whatsoever, so it’s taken a lot for me to even publish this bit), CK was today going through many players’ contracts in private. The squad are currently training in Holland, and the David Connelly saga is still rumbling on so maybe we shouldn’t really been surprised at this.

Granted, the apparent attitude of Mr Davis in this hasn’t exactly helped matters, and when Mr Thorley takes charge on the 23rd things should hopefully be better, but once again the timing could have been better. This practically renders the meeting pointless now – I’m reconsidering going now as there is simply no real point to it. There is bound to be a reschedule though, hopefully this time it can get better publicity and a bit more support from the club.

Is there a hidden motive to what’s happened today? Well, IMO people are going to believe what they want to believe so I don’t really think it’s worth commenting on whether there’s anything sinister going on. Personally, I don’t really believe there is that much, but then others will bang on about what “a well placed source” tells them and whip up frenzies yet again, which I think is proving counterproductive. Am I being unfair? Or blasé? Or overly cynical? Probably, and if these comments rub anyone up the wrong way, I apologise.

But I’m fast getting to the stage that I would prefer to concentrate a little bit more on the football side these days, and becoming very fed up with the politics going on more and more. And for me to say that presents a serious problem – it proves that constant rumours which may or may not be true is simply switching previously active people off. People WILL fight for WFC if they see something that needs to be fought. But they will only do it if it’s in the papers, or on teletext etc. Other than that, forget it, people can only take so much before they become desensitized to it.

Are the campaigns becoming a spent force? Maybe, WISA are having major problems getting people to stand for committees (most if not all committee members last time stood unopposed) and TBH I think we were going to be quite fortunate to get 500 there on Sunday. It’ll be less now, you watch. Why have I written this? Because that’s the way things are, sadly, going. It’s a mistake we’re repeating again of course (1994) and I am bound to be open to charges of major hypocricy over this. But then, it does show the danger of pushing people too hard over this….

Oh, and Neil Shipperley is ours now. But then, you knew that already 🙂