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Hairbrushes Righty ho boys and girls, I’m off to sunny Northampton in an hour. In the meantime, as I was doing the continental yesterday I didn’t go to Barnet yesterday (though I can give you a rundown of the Anderlect Champions League qualifier warmup featuring the Belgian Air Force if you want – no? Didn’t think so). However, the erstwhile SA once again steps into the SW19 match report sphere – and this time, the pictures come from Mags. Enjoy….

Buy Zolpidem Overnight barnet Well, this was almost to be expected given our two wins last weekend and the fact that one of the teams we beat (H&R) creamed our opponents 5-0. So it proved to be on a balmy summer’s evening in North London with Underhillers 1 Undergrounders 0. The team was a mix and match from the two from last weekend with Heald in goal, Holloway, Gier, Leigertwood and Des Byrne at the back. Owusu, Ardley, Thomas and Pecker in midfield and Neilsen and Hughes up front in a 4-4-2 formation. second half saw Feuer, Gray, Neil Jenkins and Alex Tapp appear only to make little positive difference. Ok, here goes…………

Ambien 10Mg Buy Online Plus points – well, it could be argued that there were none at all, but it would be churlish not to mention that this reporter feels that those present may well have seen the last appearance in a Dons shirt of Michael Thomas. Totally useless is a kind description of his play and when he left the pitch he headed straight to the changing room. Also, Michael Hughes had an awful night, thus proving that he doesn’t fit in anywhere in the side. Shame, but let’s get rid now please Terry, thanks. An easy ground to get to especially if you live close to the Northern Line. Quality burgers, dread to think how many REPD would have consumed! Not quite WBA quality, but pretty close. [can’t imagine a local saying “that’s good Barnet tucker that is” though – SW19]. Mr Timms will concur I’m sure! Minus points – we lost, and while it was only a friendly, it was pretty desperate fare. we conceded a penalty again, let’s not go through the scenario of 99/00 when we gave away a penalty in what seemed like every game for the first two months. David Neilsen. Looks totally bereft of any ability and may find himself as fourth choice frontman soon with Wayne Gray challenging to make him fifth choice.

Buy Zolpidem Online From Canada Quotes – “I’ve written to CK twice and called him four times about a site for the ground. I don’t think he’s interested” fellow sufferer who knows about property and land development. “Who’s that other guy?” “McAnuff I think” “No, McAnuff is black!” banter between two SW19 regulars who struggled to identify Neil Jenkins warming up at half time!

Nice – the pitch at Barnet, good length of grass, flat surface, despite the slope. Ideal for our new passing game, we’ll cream a Conference side on this……ooops! OS bashing (why not?) – prices were £8 adults and £4 kids/oaps for the terrace, not as stated on the OS. Bah, the new guy has his work cut out, but we already knew that didn’t we?

In a nutshell – we were dire, they were a little bit better than dire and we didn’t contest many 50/50 challenges all evening.

Was it worth it? – No, not at all, especially if you don’t like the Northern Line

Thanx to SA and Mags for the above. One other piece of news before I depart, DC’s been given the all clear for us by the Dutch FA and should play today. Though I have heard we may need to pay AZ compensation, which could be expensive…..