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Rugger balls


Basically, anyone who decided to forgoe Barnet for Northampton today must be pissing themselves. Why? Try Cobblers 0 Boot Boys 7. That’s Cobblers 0 Boot Boys 7 in case you missed it first time round. Our highest score since beating Windsor and Eton 7-2 in 1980/81, the first time the editor has ever seen us score more than 5 goals in one game (that’s for all you trivia freekz out there) and we’re still only warming up. Literally. The game? Well, it was pretty one sided, the debuting David Connelly scored a hat-trick on his “debut”, Shippers got a couple, with Wu Tang and McMuffAnuff completing the rout. Shall I go on? Why not, it’s after all a really nice feeling to be able to do a match report when we’ve played like this:

Plus points: Winning 7-0 for a start. Away from the dump. DC looks like one of the sharpest strikers we’ve ever had in a WFC shirt. Shipps ain’t too bad either. Excellent stuff from McMuff, following up an impressive performance vs Hampton with a sublime one today – the first team awaits. Wu Tang’s goal, beating seven opposition players and passing to himself in the process. Defense looks good, even Willmott played good. This proves that Voodoo has broken that relationship off with the witch who cost him his form last season, found a good broad and makes her squeal with delight every Saturday night. Probably.

Minus points: I’m probably in a minority of 1, but I’m not that convinced by Jermaine Darlington yet. He’s certainly no KC.

Boring tactical discussion bit: This bit especially for anyone who complains about lack of discussion tactics on this site, feel free to ignore this bit – it looks like we’re playing in such a way that we’ll be rotating the front players to keep them fresh. We took off DC and Shipps and put on Robbo and Wu Tang, this appears to be TB’s preferred method of doing it. Or something. Don’t ask me, I’m just repeating verbatim what was said to me. You can wake up now 🙂

Police Squad rip-off comment alert: Sixfields. It’s not fields, and there aren’t six of them.

Nice though: Their ground.


Quotes: (1) “This is the first thing Koppel’s done right, and that was probably an accident” – returning to this website, the (ahem) legendary CUNW on DC’s transfer. (2) “You’ve got a shitty website” – another un-named Womble who attempted to take above comment into a chant. This particular individual IS in the photo to your left. Promise to take back that comment Mr ******* and I won’t circle who you are 🙂 (3) “Kelvin Davis’ had a drink, one too many” – chant to KD after he looked a little bit worse for wear during the game. Doubtless he’ll claim it was the heat………………..

Truth is stranger than fiction: (1) Did we really win 7-0? (2) Today, it was reportedly hotter in London than in Hawaii. Felt bloody hotter in Northampton. (3) Paul Robinson actually coming on. No, he still doesn’t have the ability to pass, though maybe he’s still trying too hard.

Point to ponder for those who were there: Was it me or do we look a lot better without Euell? We seem more of a team.

So, what is worth it?: [Laughs hysterically]. Sorry, what was the question?

In a nutshell: Pre-season friendly or not, I loved it

I have been reliably informed that the OS has finally had its overhaul. And it’s, well, er, it’s OK. To be fair, it’s very, very similar to most other OSes in the Football League, hardly surprising of course as it’s all being done under one house. The graphics IMO could be a little slicker, I reckon that the design of some of the WFC fan sites are far nicer, but the content actually looks good. Wonder how the club are going to handle “feedback” and “rumours”? Should be funny if nothing else.

Other preseason news – Celsi lost 3-1 to QPHahaha, and the Lebanese Tax Evader’s new baby beat Palace 4-0. At least we showed the rest of London how it’s done today…

One more thing before I go – I managed to write a whole piece on a game at Northampton without mentioning “Rock the tea bar” once. D’oh.