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Adding some muscle

At last, a shirt sponsor – as touted virtually everywhere yesterday but now officially confirmed, we’ve signed a two year, £1m deal with Maximuscle. Who? Well, they’re the major supplier of athletic type substances to such athletes like Marcus Trescothick, Gary Bellamy and Prince Naz Hamed, and now we’ve got them. Unlike many other shirt deals, Maximuscle have a bit of use – WFC and them will be using sports scientists (didn’t know we had any) to work with our players, and anyone at Northampton Saturday will note that this has to be the most physically (and mentally) strongest side seen from probably any WFC side. I can’t imagine that being sponsored by somebody like Pizza Hut would have quite as much use for a pro footballer. Well, unless his name is John Hartson I suppose.

Of course, being WFC, there has to be a spanner in the works somewhere – Maximuscle’s products have been claimed to produce that Nandralone stuff which is pretty illegal, a charge which, naturally, WFC and MM deny. Still, it gets the publicity for us and MM, and anything to improve our fitness is more than welcomed from here.

What else about Maximuscle? Well, they do loads of things like weight loss stuff, boxing gloves and sugar blocking. And I thought JH wasn’t playing for us anymore? And some extremely paranoid Womble has pointed out to me that MM have a branch in MK but not in Wimbledon. True – but so did Tiny. Besides, they’re based in Watford.

One more bit of JH bashing tonight, whilst I’m in the mood. Celtic are after him, though Coventry have denied it. If he goes to Parkhead, they may as well give the trophy to Rangers now…….

You may notice that this site is planning to go down this week – I was planning to do the relaunch tomorrow, may still do, though it WILL mean that a couple of sections will not be open immediately. Keep an eye out on the guestbook for more info.

One more thing – the End Of Season Poll closes Saturday at 23.59. Just thought I’d mention it.