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The day after

It’s ironic that on the day I relaunch SW19, on a day where it pisses down etc etc, we get, well, you know. So, what can I say that hasn’t already been said? Well, firstly, this thing is FAR from over. Believe me – Wanklemann hasn’t even got planning permission for the MK White Elephant yet, and according to a councillor from up there, it could well end up being called in by the DoE. The Football League haven’t given any permission for it – yet – and their meeting is on 16 August. At the moment, these are our two main hopes if you will. Both are MAJOR obstacles, both if “we” use them correctly will scupper this thing for good.

In the meantime, what can be done? Well, today I went down Plough Lane, got my photo taken with some other WFC fans, a few interviews etc, all came across well enough. That’s a start, “we” need to be winning hearts and minds with this – already a joint fans protest thing for Brentford tomorrow is taking shape. I myself am in contact with the Observer, here’s hoping on that score. The club are feeling it financially as well – loads of kit sponsorships have been withdrawn, merchandise cancelled, program sellers quitting – even Phillo has tended his resignation letter. This is a timing proportion of immense stupidity on behalf of WFC – yes, people have paid for their STs, but they aren’t going to get rid of them just yet. Talks of pitch invasions (illegal of course but highly justifiable IMO) are going about. WFC clearly didn’t want to let this out of the bag but were forced into it, which is exactly what was needed from “our” point of view. We know where we stand now, and that’s a quarter of the battle over with already

Thoughts? Opinions? Well, CK is now public enemy #1 clearly, and this is from somebody who has supported him quite vigourously over the past 12-18 months. He clearly has to quit over this – not only over the MK thing itself but the now blatant secret dealings over all this. A point already made by WISA. I can get hold of his email and fax nos if it’s a good idea. Time will tell whether R&G replace him or sell up (if “we” stop it of course) over it, but needless to say those who run WFC are probably less thought of than Hammam at his club-destroying worse, and THAT’S saying something. Other than that, it just leaves me to say for now, the battle has begun. Dig out your bayonets.