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Month: August 2001

No. Again.

Haha – Fans 2 Club 0. The reapproach to the FL by Koppout has once again been rejected. Which now makes life VERY interesting. Koppout … Read more

Yellow streak

The conflict still continues, but to other matters first : London Brunch 0 Twittering Canaries 1 was a sickener – it was played in heat … Read more

Walk tall

Nice AM edition for you today – hell, I must be bored…. The Walk For Wimbledon is today, chances are that if you’re doing it … Read more

Roekke the boat

by Village Don What follows is based upon some investigation by myself and others, some logical reasoning and a healthy dose of speculation. Keep an … Read more

Seagull shit

Look, I’m sorry, but if Burnley on Saturday was the result of falling asleep, then what the fuck Seagulls 2 Seaweed 1 was about I … Read more


Just to bring you up to speed on a couple of things I’ve heard over the weekend, both of which are very interesting : firstly, … Read more