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Just to bring you up to speed on a couple of things I’ve heard over the weekend, both of which are very interesting : firstly, the MK Citizen On Sunday is reporting that WFC that Wankelmann’s white elephant may be considering quitting the FL and joining up with this new proposed Atlantic League. Thinking about it very logically, this is the ONLY way they can actually get round the FL totally outmanovering them, and even this is problematic : Wanklemann kind of let something slip in this article when he said “we are committed to bringing professional football to MK” which may not involve WFC at all.

A source at WFC (probably either totally made up or coming from Reg Davis, which is the same thing) is saying that WFC is “seriously considering” this Atlantic League thing – could be more bluster, could be substancial, though with anything at WFC at the moment, it’s probably a lot of one and a bit of the other. You decide which is which. I have to admit, I don’t know what is happening with regards this Atlantic League, I thought it died the death TBH. However, by resigning from the league, it would leave an extra place free in the FL…..

Here’s the thing I’m wondering – could MKFC become a totally brand new club from scratch? Leaving WFC where we are at the moment? I know that Wanklemann’s record of talking shite is well known, but the guy clearly wants a club at MK. Doesn’t matter whose, he did after all try the same trick with QPR (they wised up, Koppout is too stupid to think the same). Koppout thinks it has to be WFC, he has claimed he signed an agreement to go up there. But it’s becoming increasingly apparent that he hasn’t really thought it through properly. Which leaves me onto my second thing….

In deepest Oslo, KIR is in shit. Basically, he lost £100m last week on the stock exchange and is trying to buy out Kvaerner. In a nutshell, he needs all the dough he can get. And let’s face it, WFC is costing him money and causing him a great deal of embarrasment. If WFC (read CK) was to take legal action, it will take time and, more importantly, money.

The Atlantic League principle, as pointed above, is their only real hope of getting WFC up there : however, the FL may receive an application from Koppout to leave, but the FL don’t have to accept it (some interesting clauses in FL rules, apparently, to the effect of “the FL can do what they bloody well like”).

Do you think that the FL will want another load of emails and letters coming through their comms rooms saying “don’t approve the resignation”? And don’t think that the AL proposal won’t go unchallenged either. All this may suggest to me that KIR is looking to get out of WFC and quick. Roekke has enough problems at Molde anyway, and he won’t want more headaches coming from us. This one is getting more interesting by the day. Keep tuned..