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Spilt claret

Buy Zolpidem 12.5 Mg burn_wfc2k1 Well, back to normality I suppose – Ambien Prices Online Claret and Blue 3 Black and Blue 2, but we didn’t play that badly. Indeed, we were almost the better side (a fact confirmed by a few locals afterwards), except for the period between the 12th minute and the 40th minute. So, what happened? Well, we went 1-0 through the resurgent David Neilsen slotting past the goalie. Then it all went wrong – firstly, Jemaine Darlington (who the SW19 jury is still out on) did a horrible passback to KD, who totally miskicked it, letting their player in. Secondly, a penalty, converted. Then thirdly, and probably the most embarrasing of all, a Burnley corner, powerfulish shot, KD totally ballsed up the handling and then, well, you can guess the rest…

Second half? Pressure from WFC a lot of the time, DC hit the post, Ardley came close and we got back into it via a Neil Shipperley header. Oh, and it totally pissed down. The SP? Certainly: Plus points: The excellent way we came back after throwing it all away. Good linkup beween Neilsen and DC. Good general passing, especially in the wanky conditions

Where Can I Buy Zolpidem Tartrate Minus points: Our defence is crap. And if KD keeps fucking up like that again, expect Paul Heald to get an indian summer

The referee’s a…………… : Complete and utter goat blowing child raping cunt. Bottled it, basically. Will the jury please give their verdicts on the following players please? Jermaine Darlington didn’t exactly inspire me today, as mentioned above, though he is new. And am I the only WFC fan who felt that we didn’t look as good when we took off Neilsen and put on Wu Tang? Yeah, I know I have cast doubt on one of the Most Exciting Players In A Long While but he just doesn’t look as skillful. Quotes: (1) “You’re an Oompa Loompa” – anonymous WFC fan (you know who you are) taking the piss out of me. Apparently it’s a thing from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. What, Mr Koppel has started working at Paynes now? (2) “The reason we’re 3-1 down is because the fans are protesting. Why can’t they do that after the game? They ought to get behind the team. It’s true” – Womble in the gentlemens after the 3rd goal went in. Now, I would have thought that it had very little to do with it, so I’ll take issue here : the team are highly paid professionals, they should motivate themselves in front of a silent audience. They aren’t likely to be effected by fans who only did anti-CK stuff for a little while anyway. And what is so wrong with protesting against a man who given his way would have taken that very same team away. At the moment, it really is a case of Love The Team, Hate The Club. Yuk: The weather Truth is stranger than fiction: (1) Had I taken the train back, instead of cadging a lift back, I would still be on the Preston to Euston route even now. (2) Watching a game of cricket at Burnley Cricket Club. Not any old game – BCC 2nd XI vs Bakeley (?) 2nd XI in the Lancashire League as well. Last I saw, Bakely 2nd XI were 42-3. Should have stayed and watched that instead. (3) Me demolishing a KFC Bargain Bucket worth of food…. A little dicky bird tells me…. : WFC have blocked their emails over MK going beautifully wrong. Now, that’s hardly the way to endear yourselves to us is it? Contary to what WFC believe, you will need us a lot more than we need you, trust me. Was it worth it? Don’t know, probably not In a nutshell: We probably will play worse and win this season..