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Seagull shit


Look, I’m sorry, but if Burnley on Saturday was the result of falling asleep, then what the fuck Seagulls 2 Seaweed 1 was about I just do not know. We looked like we just didn’t give a flying fuck. Too many sideways passes, not enough penetration, not enough directness – I guess tonight we thought we just had to turn up and these pesky lower division teams would succumb to the Fu of the Mighty Wombles. Sorry, but in football, you do have to work hard to win games, believe it or not. The first half was lethargic and dull at best, the second half was, well, we lost 2-1. Need I say more?

Onto the SW19 My Two Cents bit:

Plus points: Well, we scored.

Minus points: We treated this game like a training session. This is fast becoming last season early doors all over again. And it was our early season form that fucked us last season.

Did Kelvin fuck up? Actually he didn’t, but that’s because Feuer was playing. Personally, I can’t see why we should have to keep either Heald or Feuer and get a decent keeper. All right, I suppose Feuer was OK tonight, but it’s late and I’m pissed off…

Where to improve: Right, stop fucking poncing about in the right area and you may get some shots in. Is it THAT difficult? I lost count of the amount of oh-so-pretty-passing stuff which we rightly used to mock teams like QPR and Naarwich that went on today. And where are they now? Hexactly.

And if you want to know why WFC fans are so bitter……: Withdean. Uses park-and-rides, temporary stands etc, and do well because of it. WFC could do the same with Plough Lane, but it takes courage, dedication, vision and a degree of decent marketing to do that. Our lot are just imcompetent chickenshit who have monumentally failed as custodians of WFC and as human beings. WFC (the business) deserves to go bankrupt, and all those who have taken out of the club for their own personal game (or to hide their sheer professional incompetence) deserve to suffer with it.

Vicious rumour: KIR got nicked in Norway last night over a fake powerboat racing licence. Don’t think that he’d be too happy Koppelchio banging on his door wanting a lawyer ATM.

Truth is stranger than fiction: (1) The whole Withdean experience. I suppose this is what watching pre-season tournaments in Austria must feel like. (2) Were we really that bad?

Question: When was the last time we played in the first round of any domestic competition? And when was the last time we lost in one as well?

Was it worth it? What, £16.50 to watch that? Hmm, yes it was, I enjoyed it very much. And if you believe that, you’ll believe that Koppout tells the truth.

In a nutshell: Birdshit.