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Walk tall

Nice AM edition for you today – hell, I must be bored….

The Walk For Wimbledon is today, chances are that if you’re doing it from Wimbledon or PL you won’t be reading this anyway. It’s going to be very warm today, so just don’t get sunstroke. I’ll probably be at the Thornton Heath meeting point (assuming I even get there before 1.30pm) so I’ll see you there.

We are expecting a Koppout statement in the program today. No, I’ve no idea what it’ll say, though somebody has already said “we aren’t going to like it”. Hmm – the only thing we are going to like ATM from Koppout is his immediate resignation and a total denouncement of MK. What I am expecting is a load of waffle, and quite a bit of “we are still considering all options”. At the risk of sounding like a broken record over this, the club really doesn’t have a lot of choice over MK now – the league have blocked it, and pre-empted any legal action as we all know.

Bit of an idle thought here, ignore it if I’m repeating myself – as mentioned on the very same day as the FL rejected MK, there were inklings that the club knew about it as early as before the Brum game. Which makes the delay even more bizzare – surely they can’t be that fucked over it? Considering this, I’m not too sure how much of a surprise it really was for WFC to find out that MK was blocked. I guess we’ll find out later today more of what’s going on. Maybe.

Meanwhile, to further compound our delight and WFC’s misery, KIR’s boating exploits continue. No, he didn’t get arrested but he could face a MAJOR fine. Major as in a certain percentage of his personal fortune may be taken away or something. This is making lots of column inches in Norway, apparently, and I’m sure he has much bigger fish to fry than Koppout’s spoilt child routine at the moment. In case you didn’t know, Koppout was in Norway on Thursday………

As for today, what’s happening? Well, yellow and blue balloons for starters. There’s going to be a sit in for 25 minutes in the unlikely event of getting Koppout to come out and hopefully kill himself in front of us. We doubt if he’s got the guts to do it, but if he does – we’re all turning our backs on him. I hope that enough people turn up for this sit-in, a lot of it will depend on Koppout’s statement today in the program. (personally speaking, I think it’s a risky venture – we won’t get 4000 staying behind now, I would guess 2000 at best. After this anyway, we have to stop the sit-ins and try a new tact – outside the club offices is my preferred option, and IMO we should have done that instead. Still, I’m not the one planning it all). Assuming anyone buys it of course – the boycott(s) are still in place, though you CAN buy refreshments. However, for £1.50 you will also be able to buy the new unofficial WFC program, “Yellow and Blue”. I’m told it looks very nice, you may even get to see a recognisable photo or two in there 🙂 Please buy it.

Oh yeah, and we’re playing Naarwich….

More later