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Yellow streak


The conflict still continues, but to other matters first : London Brunch 0 Twittering Canaries 1 was a sickener – it was played in heat that quite frankly even the England cricket team would struggle in (what do you mean “they don’t need heat to struggle”?). A last minute goal is always a kick in the bollocks – especially when I suppose we generally had about 50% of the play. And from wanky defending as well. So, what was the craic? Healdy played, he didn’t do too badly. No Trond or Willo (Gier was in his place). Shipps and DC laboured a little bit up front, I don’t think the midfield (Ardley and Roberts mainly) are quite good enough to supply the right balls for them. Still….

The $0.02

Plus points: Were there any? All right, we didn’t look too bad in the first half I suppose.

Minus points: When TB says that some players are not playing to their high standards after the game, I don’t need to do a big “minus points”

Hot: The weather. Too bloody hot.

Quotes (or Chants): “Shipperley. Connelly. Shipperley. Connelly” – sung to the tune of “He’s Killing Our Club, we don’t know why. Charlie Koppel is gonna die”. Come on, you must know it

Reality check: This is actually relegation form.

Truth is stranger than fiction: (1) This is the first time since 1989 that we’ve lost to Naarwich. (2) Did I tell you how bloody hot it was?

Black cats, lucky rabbits foots… : I am going to get rid of this AIK Stockholm shirt I am currently wearing – since I’ve worn it, it’s played 3 lost 3.

So, was it worth it? Guess.

In a nutshell: Wake up boys……


Of course, I know exactly what you’re really here for tonite – yup, the protest report. All right, so it wasn’t the passion and intensity of the Brum game – at least the sit-in wasn’t – but some significant things happened today. Here’s the run-down

Walk for Wimbledon: Very well attended, guestimates between 200 and 1500 at given points, probably about 800 on average. Including one Mayor of Merton, Stuart Pickover (more on him later). Got press coverage certainly. Nobody became ill over it, except hopefully WFC.

Sit in: Sadly, about 1k at most stayed behind, despite the almost desperate pleas of some WISA people (including one who tried a bit TOO hard and got ejected) to get people to stay behind. Still, in a way, it wasn’t so bad – basically, people had got wind that the club were going to make an official statement. Then when the club had got wind of this, they withdrew it. Quelle surprise. To make matters worse, they wouldn’t allow anyone to use the PA system – not WISA, not Pickover, not even the coppers themselves (and boy, that’s gone down really badly with them). Great move, WFC, trying to prove how hard you are by picking fights with EVERYONE.

Anyway, Dr Willett came on, had to shout without the aid of any amplification, and basically told you what I said above. Pickover came on, said basically nothing that we didn’t know already, and even seem to hint that Safeway’s application could be scuppered by the council. But you didn’t hear that from me. From my own point of view, the sit in picked up momentum and I certainly went away happier than when it first started. We will HAVE to try something different next time, a behind-the-game sit-in will lose its impact. It worked for Brum for obvious reasons. It eventually worked today, because it gave Merton Council the chance to put their side of the story without the club getting in the way. But next time, forget staying behind like that, at least on that scale. To be fair, WISA know this….

Koppout’s statement: And boy, if ever this was a cop-out, this was it. No, I didn’t buy it, but I read the statement in the program, and boy if every anything could make you seethe, cry and burst out laughing at the same time, this was it. Basically, Koppout repeated EVERYTHING he’s ever said about why MK is our only hope. He started it off with a “we are naturally disappointed”. Er, YOU may be naturally disappointed. We’re not. The rest of it looked as though it had been written two weeks ago – find out Koppout’s old quotes about MK, cut and paste it and you’ve probably got what he said. Yup, it really was that.

Of course, he had to try and make it fresh to appear that he wasn’t copping out (no pun intended – honest), so instead he tried to shift the blame for the ST cockups to the box office (yet another set of people WFC are pissing off), and the coup de gras – he said that WFC placed 75000 leaflets or so in the Wimbledon Guardian over the summer to get people involved with WFC – only 2 people replied. Hmm, are you sure that you put in 75000? Are you really sure? Like you are really sure there was less than 10k for Brum? Or other such figure manipulation exercises that are just a tad too fishy? For the record, I certainly didn’t see WFC literature in the Guardian over the summer, trust me my nan will find out those sort of things. More lies?

Clearly, the statement proves one thing and one thing only – Koppel has NOTHING to say about it. He is fucked – when your major statement to the world consists of rehashed lies, you’re dead. If WFC were serious about legal action, they would have done it at 7pm the day the FL told them to fuck off. The FL would have done their legal homework, I would presume that WFC would have done as well (though in truth I’m not holding my breath on that score) – a fortnight of silence from WFC shows that IMO at least, they’ve just been caught stealing from the caketin one too many times and can’t think of a plausible explanation.

Coincidentally, I was asked today why this site has been toned down recently. Well, I didn’t know it had, but some of the utterly slanderous stuff I used to write in my younger days has apparently been missing. If so, here goes : Charles Koppel is on hard drugs. Don’t believe me? OK then, look at his picture in somebody else’s program. Look at his eyes – they look fucked. Look at the utter delusion (all right, absolute spazmo bilge) he writes. Look at his complete inabilty to see sense on ANYTHING. The way he keeps fucking up contract signings. See where I’m getting at? The guy’s very strange, look at the company he keeps : Peter Wankelmann, who is known in the record industry for being a crackhead, probably means something different when he says he’s “lining up” stuff with Koppout. Suddenly it all makes sense – and I always wondered why people keep calling him Charlie….

And if that isn’t slanderous enough, Koppout, Thorley and Reg Davis are involved in a paedophile ring based in Buckinghamshire. There, I’ve said it – now I demand a decent solicitor.

Oh, and Koppout was getting MAJOR grief from a few people in the Main Stand at half time. Result? Koppout just smiled. What an arrogant, self centred pathetic company bankrupting specimen of a human being. Mind you, he WAS probably freebasing at the time…

Yellow and Blue: The “unofficial” program. Sold 1800 out of 2000 copies, and that’s only because the other 200 were in a co-ordinator’s car. I have a copy in front of me, and it quite frankly rocks. It’s better than any other “unofficial” program I’ve seen, and it beats the shit out of the Official stuff. The club are scared of it, so much so that there was even a PA announcement at half time telling people that there is an unofficial program being sold and that the official one is blue and has “Dons” written on it. Haha, I await the fake Reg Davis column in the next one, where the mock-up makes him to look like an old twat who wheezes a lot and goes on ad nauseum about Wolves. What – you mean that is the proper Reg Davis column? Anyway, major kudos to all involved. Seriously appreciated from this end, and many, many others as well.

Now what? Good question. We have plenty of people on our side now – the press, the council, I think after today the coppers as well, we definitely have the club on the run. They are showing their true colours – they have a yellow streak the size of the Atlantic and Pacific put together, with the PR handling of Neil Hamilton and the business acumen and ethical approach to life of Robert Maxwell.

The momentum being built up is real – I think the Walk, the Y&B and the sheer comedy of WFC’s attempts to stifle the sit-in has made people sit up and realise just what a great club being run by paedophiles this is. Obviously, we need to keep this in the public eye, although just as importantly we need to keep badgering the club more than anything as well. IMO anyway, the big pisser for WFC will be if we can get enough finance together to make a bid for the percentage of the ownership of the club. Make enough noise about trying to buy it, and even if the bid fails, the PR coup for us will be so great the club could not resist any longer. Keep it going, we’re doing the right thing…….

Two other things – one, I found it very surreal to see the Mayor of Merton standing on the pitch looking like a retired rugby player on holiday in Malaga. And his Comms Guy standing there with a tattoo and a beer gut as well sans shirt. Secondly, I overheard Mr Pickover coming back (for the record, Pickover is from Manchester, supports Man Utd, his son went to school with my brother, lives in a semi, is a very keen walker – he often walks from Richmond Park to his house and is in fact my local councillor) and this is what he said (more or less):

“Even if it goes wrong, at least we’ve dealt with it all transparently. They’re such nice people to deal with as well…….”

Sleep tight.