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99(000) black balloons


Hoo boy. How do I go about writing Herts 3 Minds 0 without mentioning what an utter twat the referee was? The fact is, I can’t. When even opposing players ask the referee “why the fuck did you do that?” you know something has majorly fucked up.

For those of you who didn’t go and haven’t got ITV Digital, basically Heald went to pick up the ball inbetween our defender and an opposition player, ended up outside the box whilst patting the ball away (getting rid of it certainly) and then gets a nice red card for his efforts. Cue much nashing of teeth, threatens of pitch invasions and even TB saying that one day, somebody will sue a ref over loss of earnings. Even ITV claimed how shit the decision was. The game? Oh, that….

Plus points: We did play OK for the period from the start of the game to the sending off. Not spectacular, but solid.

Minus points: We had no luck whatsoever – Coops hit the post and of course I bet Paul Heald is writing to his solicitor even as we speak.

The referee’s a…….: homosexual lover of Koppout. Probably chocking on each others’ cocks right now and then having a game of Mummies and Daddies. Though as we all know, Koppout won’t be giving it.

Truth is stranger than fiction: I’m sure somebody will check out this stat, but I think out of our current squad Paul Heald has had the most red cards (2 now). Seriously..

Scary: Ian Feuer. If I got nervous over him, fuck knows what the defense was thinking.

And to rub it in: Their first goal was fucking offside by miles anyway. Even Koppout’s yellow streak isn’t that wide (OK, that’s maybe pushing it a little bit too far)

Long: Morden tube station to Watford tube station. I’ve been on shorter car journies to Sunderland.

Was it worth it: See below 🙂

In a nutshell: Plus ca change……


Of course, we all know why you’re here right now, and it ain’t about the game. The protests indeed went very well. First I saw were the t-shirts as expertly modelled above. Hell, even I bought one (OK, so it was £3). Plenty of banners etc being handed out, all given much of an airing. Even some of the Watford fans started to do it (though when we were 3-0 down I heard a rendition of “Milton Keynes, lalala” for about 5 seconds. Cunts).

The best bits were that most people DID stay at half time and release the balloons. ITV picked up on them, and by all accounts, it looked very impressive.

The second best bit, in fact THE best bit was somebody hiring one of those planes with a banner which said something to the effect of “Dons Fans Say Koppel Out”. Without a doubt, that was class – it was unexpected, it was different and it was a noticable point. I wonder what Koppout thought of it? Although ITV couldn’t find him (they showed a pre-taped interview claiming we would go bust next year – well, more like mismanaged into the ground), I know for a fact that he WAS there. He came in a red Peugeot 406 (or 407), W reg, hiding behind a hung up jacket. Scared are we? Or are you going to antagonise us even further by spouting your lies behind the relative safety of a journo? Somebody also ran onto the pitch after the Watford third goal, and got to wave an “MK No Way” banner for a second before he got poleaxed by Herts’ finest. The round of applause was magnificent.


There is something I’ve been meaning to address here which I think concerns some people. It came to me today when somebody I know (many of us probably know who this person is) said that “we” weren’t giving Koppout a chance to speak, how they would rip “that shit” up re: the posters, and how they would go to MK because most of us won’t go. This person has a well known mouth on them, but there you go.

Anyway, does the anti-MK/Koppout stuff during the game distract the players? Personally, I think it does, though anyone who does sing it won’t get an earhole bashing from me. I was anti-Olsen Out stuff because I think it was doing harm to the team at the wrong time (that and the fact that I don’t think he was ever as much to blame for our problems that season as certain other people). This time, it’s having the same effect but the circumstances are different.

It was quoted by the Moaning Old Git that whenever there is mutiny in a club, the team ALWAYS suffers. Look at history. I have no doubt that our season has been badly effected by DimDim – although many will say “get behind the team”, in this particular circumstance I don’t think people care what’s happening on the pitch ATM. I don’t certainly, and I know quite a few who are in the same boat as me. Judging by the protests today, the ill feeling the club has created won’t go away soon.

Finally, and speaking of ill feeling, those Wanted t-shirts has pissed off Phil Smith (the WFC photographer). Basically, the pic of Koppout was taken by him, and he claims that only he can give permission for it to be used – if WFC find out, he will be in major shit. Well, tough shit – I have seen this photo in question on the BBC and TwatTalk sites, to name but two. Public domain, I think they call it. And besides, nobody actually knows where the pic came from do they? WFC paranoia lives on…