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Play up, er, Wombles


FUCK. Just HOW the hell did we let this slip? I tell you, Piss Off Koppel 3 Hello Sailor 3 is a major pisser, and when you’re 3-0 up with stunners from Cooper, Hughes and DC with 20 minutes to go, and seemingly cruising, to not win is just beyond contempt. Trust me guys, forget the playoffs, we just ain’t got the bottle for it. There’s nothing excusable about it, the team just fucked up big time tonight.

Anyway, cue much gnashing of teeth:

Plus points: Well we didn’t lose I suppose. Goals from Super Kevin Cooper and the returning Michael Hughes were worth the admission money by themselves. Assuming you paid £3 to get in, of course.

Minus points: Concentration, thereof lack of. I need not describe to you our defense. Oh, and Darren Holloway’s sending off.

Burton Out? Not really, the injuries do suck. That said, I have heard interesting stories going on when they went to the Dutch pre-season camp that may explain current form. But I’m not saying what they are….

The referee’s a……: wanker. Nuff said.

Also wankers: Pompey fans. Always have been, always will be. Suppose I ought to feel sorry for them I guess, after all most of them did have improper relationships with First Officers in the Royal Navy when they were 15.

Excuses? Well, there was hardly any anti-MK/CK stuff going on about, it only really happened for a minute when we were 3-0 up. Of course, if DimDim turns round and blames the throwaway on us doing such a thing, I will start making comments linking me sticking his head under the World Trade Center collapsing. Without any degree of flippancy whatsoever.

Celeb spotting: I have finally met the lesser-spotted Dr Womble. Tall fucker 🙂

Quotes: Actually, I had a VERY good one from the CUNW, but I’ve forgotten it. You’ll need to ask him to repeat it, it really is classic.

Truth is stranger than fiction: When was the last time we beat Pompey in the league?

Well worth the £20: This very fanzine was a page sponsor in Yellow and Blue. Except they published my name when I asked them not to. And they got my URL wrong. Oh well, at least it will explain the firebomb at their offices tomorrow morning (no I am not in a really foul mood)

So, was it worth it? Up until the 73rd minute, yes.

In a nutshell: Get your brain in gear….

UPDATE: Well, I wrote the report only minutes ago and already I’ve got to change it. Check this out from TB – the guy has clearly had enough and has called WFC “stinking”. He says that the club “disillusions him” and that he “doesn’t know where the support is going to come from”. Furthermore “there is no money” and “this feels worse than relegation”.

I’m trying to digest this as well as you can ATM, but it seems clearly that TB has had enough of the shit. You know damn well who the culprit is here, his empire is falling apart quicker and quicker. I had a feeling that TB wasn’t happy with the position DimDim put him under – if TB wants to quit, he won’t get any complaints here from me. Quite frankly, I hope he does and really lets rip at the people running the club who have made his job impossible. What happens to WFC next I just don’t know, but there is cancer within WFC. We must remove it now.

More later, when I get it.