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TB or not TB?

So then, TB hasn’t quit after DimDim had a little, ahem, chat with him. Indeed, the Official Shite released this statement:

“Club Chairman Charles Koppel said: “Terry has the respect of the board, the players and everybody working at the Club. It is now up to the fans to give Terry their support. We know that the effort to find a permanent home for the Club remains an emotive issue and fans have a perfect right to demonstrate their feelings. But they also have to make good on their promise to get behind the manager and players during games. So far they have failed to do this and it is understandable that this is frustrating for Terry and the players.”
“Terry and his players are doing a great job under difficult circumstances, particularly given the horrendous injury list we have at the moment. We are confident that things will get better on the pitch, especially if the fans get behind the team.”

Manager Terry Burton said:

“The relationship between the Chairman and the manager is the most important one at any football club. I have always been given as much help as possible by Charles to get things right on the pitch and it is now even more important than ever that Charles spends time with me on team matters.”

“My players and I are working hard to make this Club successful again and I would urge all fans to get properly behind the team, starting with the game against Sheffield Wednesday on Saturday.”

Do I need to say any more about what DimDim says? And dare I risk saying what I threatened yesterday about Koppout being pushed under a collapsing building in downtown Manhattan? The worst thing in Koppout’s conduct is that it’s totally predictable – the guy IS a nasty bit of work. The guy IS an odious shit and he IS incapable of even remotely accepting any blame for the current situation. It’s quite thankful really that he is generally viewed as untrustworthy and dubious.

We are quite clearly getting to him – after all, he’s tried his hardest to ignore us all this time and when even TB gets too pissed off with things he conveniently remembers that us 5k suddenly do make a difference. As I’ve said in the past, Koppout is in severe shit, witness his constant change of tact and approach. And of course, the fact he has to constantly lie and distort truths to justify his existance.

As for TB, I get the impression that he was held at the proverbial gunpoint to say this above – it looks like a Graham Thorley/Koppout special. TB clearly was POed last night, and seems to have calmed down now. However, if you need any more proof that the official statement is a crock of shite, read W&WW and in particular a phone conversation between JZ and TB himself. Obviously, if WFC get hold of that conversation we may yet be looking for a new manager, but then that will screw up Koppout even more if that was possible.

The way the club are acting now, they are like a dying animal lashing out at anything. DimDim is desperate to the point of insanity. In fact, he’s reached that stage now. Unfortunately, I can’t see it ending any time soon, not unless somebody starts to show those in Oslo some ready wonga. Dig deep…