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Twit twoo wfc_swfc_2k1 Oh well – Burton 1 Mr Byrite 1 was pretty crappy in the result. In truth we were slightly better than them, but sadly we couldn’t finish. Needless to say, everyone got behind the team today, there was certainly no Koppel Out stuff from the Holmesdale (more on something far more fun) and TB himself looked more pleased. The game? Oh, well, as said above, we did do most of the running. Their goal was shite marking by us, despite the debuting Wayne Brown coming on and looking, well, OK. However, in the second half, we piled the pressure on and it came as no surprise that Hughes netted to send us all into raptures. Anyway, that’s the boring summary over with, here’s the real juice:

Plus points: We did get a goal back, certainly. Team looked much more up for it. Crowd looked much more up for it, the Koppel Out chants coincidentally lasted for 10 seconds at most. As much as I don’t like the guy’s attitude, Hughes was MOM today – there is a story on the OS saying he’s likely to leave on a free, and in the grand scheme of things ATM his sacrifice could finish the owners once and for all. Minus points: Shipperley didn’t look too swift, neither did DC come to think of it. Conceeding a goal AGAIN – can’t we ever keep a fucking clean sheet? That said, we did ride on the edge defensively a couple of times. The referee’s a…….: fool for relying on his linesman who left his white stick at home with his labrador. Quotes: (1) “Chrissy Willmott walks on water, everybody knows that dog shit floats” – guy who sits very near me, tune to “Tis the season to be jolly”. Hmm, he didn’t play too bad as it goes. Voodoo, that is. (2) “If you put a beard and turban on Koppout, he looks like Bin Laden” – aquaitance of mine, name hidden to protect the innocent 🙂 Deja vu: Sheff Wed’s offside trap. They’ve been using it against us since 1987 and we still get caught out by it Truth is stranger than fiction: Three years ago, this would have been a Prem fixture between two mid-table teams.

Classy: Yellow and Blue as usual, even if they did fuck up my sponsorship. Please either donate funds or material, I would hate to see it collapse due to all the same people having to do all the work.

Zolpidem Online Europe Main Stand – Cauldron of Hate: The sharp eyed and eared amongst you may have noticed a little incident in the Main Stand (Stephenson Lounge area) during the first half. Basically, what happened was that some well-known reprobates (you know who you are) bought tickets for said area, which coincidentally is right next door to the Director’s Box.

At 3.15pm, and almost in unison, major abuse of Club Killer takes place for about the next half hour. Banners – one proclaiming “this is our club” – being waved, resulting in many coppers and stewards looking anxious and one complete moron of a chairman looking VERY worried and VERY scared. To cap it all off, the same renegade warriors moved right down the front in the second half and got behind the team big time. Well done all concerned in this. BTW, what was the after-game incident that happened outside the director’s entrance?

Ambien 12.5 Cr Buy Koppout bashing: OK then DimDim, don’t bother thinking of any more excuses, you know and we know you know we got behind the team. Oh, I know who you’re going to blame – it’s the Main Standers this time isn’t it? I know you told TB on Crapital not to mention the mass support TB got during the game, otherwise you’ll sack him (note to lawyers – joke), but we really got to you today didn’t we? Same result, eh? How scared were you during the first half? Hope you bricked it, your mouth may tell all the bullshit in the world but your body language showed you wanted to be somewhere else didn’t you? Admit it – or have you been sucking Wankelmann’s cocaine-laced pus filled cock a bit too much and it’s really affected your judgement? (note to lawyers – joke). Listen you stupid yarpie, your clear lack of intelligence and personal skills has put us in this position, nothing we’ve done. We all would like to know just exactly why we have about £25m in player sales pocketed and yet you claim we’re going bust next year. Who’s accounts are you feeding? How much of our money have you spent on your own failed projects? We know you won’t answer, so we’ll just assume that your known bad business practices are making you a laughing stock, eh? Anyone who employs your services after this should have their sanity questioned. Never mind, it’s just a shame it’s WFC that have to suffer you ATM. Was it worth it? Dunno, suppose so. In a nutshell: We’re getting there.