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The late, late show


Imagine, if you will, a period long ago in history. A time when men were men, when a new “W” reg car was more likely to be a Ford Capri, when to win the first division meant to get into the European Cup, when WFC played in Wimbledon….. yeah, that long ago. Needless to say, at about 4.53pm on 22/9/01, Wombles everywhere found a pocket in the space time conindrum (?), stepped back through the eons and transported themselves back to this utopia.

OK, that’s what Boing Boing 0 Bang Bang 1 does to you – this really was old style WFC rearing its perfectly formed head again. Those who don’t remember or weren’t there when these sort of games were more commonplace would have experienced that rush, and boy doesn’t it feel good?

The match itself was nothing special – in truth we did labour quite a bit up front, and certainly for much of the first half we could have been done. DC’s sending off was on a par with DB’s at Watford – basically, DC didn’t hear the whistle. And of course, being an ex-Wolves player, boy did he get it……

We rode that storm out and towards the end we started to make quite a few chances. Especially with Shipps coming on. And just when you thought we were heading for a draw, Coops picks the ball up, shoots it towards goal (first time we did that this game), goalie parrys it, Shipps knocks in a header and BAM. Cue mass orgy in the WFC. And much gnashing of teeth by the home fans……

Shall we?

Plus points: We won. Away. Without conceeding a goal. The way that we rode what looked to be a very difficult storm. Defence generally held up pretty well. Holloway played well. So did Brown (sign him TB if Koppout will let you). Hughes even got back and made a couple of challenges. Some of KD’s saves were excellent. The way that we did indeed finish strongly.

Minus points: DC’s sending off – utter wank. Not too sure about our firepower ATM anyway (and yes, I know we’ve scored 5 goals in 2 games……)

The referee’s a…… : Complete and utter, utter, utter cunt. Tried to give West Brom everything. Surprised he didn’t try and disallow Shipp’s goal.

Quotes: (1) “This is a wankyfest” – sis of Drunken One during second half. At least, I think that’s what was said. (2) “In a perverse sort of way that sending off changed the game for us” – Albion manager Gary Megson on BBC WM. For once, we get the break. (3) “Is Alan Kimble cross eyed?” – legit question asked of me by Baggies fan (honestly, I am not making that up). Can’t say I’ve ever noticed but it would explain his crossing.

Hmm: The West Midlands is a well known breeding ground for heavy metal and ska/reggae. Two enjoyable genres of music, I hasten to add. So to celebrate this local musical culture, what do West Brom come out to? “Go West”. Oh, it’s Go West. As in West Brom. Oh, bwahahahahahahaha. Jeez…..

Just in case you’ve forgotten. Or forgiven: “Koppel Out” got a few nice airings. Once again it totally proved that it didn’t effect the players….

Reasons to like West Brom: Their general dress sense makes me look well dressed.

Reasons not to like West Brom: Give up the “Milton Keynes lalala” chants, they fail each and every time. And the stewards are cunts.

Truth is stranger than fiction: (1) The first time we have EVER come away from the Hawthorns without conceeding more than two goals, playing badly and actually getting a point or three. (2) Seeing a guy who looked like he was in Edison Lighthouse or Renaissance, with horrific purple trousers. Obviously that space time thingy I alluded to above works a bit too well. (3) Seeing two well known SW19 readers betting on whether one of them can get the phone # of one of the birds behind the refreshment stall. £5 wasn’t it?

Point to ponder: Isn’t it nice that for once we get a last minute goal after being under the cosh?

So, was it worth it? For sure.

In a nutshell: Oh yes…..
Now, I trust you got Koppout’s letter didn’t you? There is apparently a copy on the WISA website, which will save me having to reproduce his shit on here. TBH, most of what he writes isn’t exactly new, and certainly it ain’t particularly accurate. A couple of points about it:

– Koppout clearly was pissed off by the Wednesday protests. Well, shit scared, anyway. He claims ground regulations were broken – fine, so why weren’t the perpetrators kicked out of the ground then? As I understand it, nobody was kicked out or arrested, so really they weren’t doing anything illegal. Unless Koppout’s rewriting the ground regulations to make them retrospective or to include anyone who doesn’t agree with him.

– This “Official Forum” thing is quite clearly going to be a stoogefest. You can bet your bottom dollar that whilst it is officially open to all adult members, only those the club KNOW will be pro-MK (or willing to act as mouthpieces) will be selected. Given the comments that some fans haven’t had their chance to give their opinion, Koppout’s basically come out and admitted this. Some more Brunswick plants to be deployed, methinks. Of course, we could all apply for it en masse couldn’t we…………..?

– Some serious iffyness about the finances. Apparently, the owners are funding the club solely. Obviously the £17m in transfers alone this past calender year (and 2 or so months) is a figment of my imagination. Or has gone into a big black hole, never to be seen again. So, what do the real owners of WFC, namely BRG and KIR say about this? Well, BRG was quoted in a couple of Nog papers last night as saying that we’ll soon be financially OK anyway. So who’s telling the truth? BRG? Koppout? Neither? On the surface at least, BRG has totally undermined Koppout’s main argument at a stroke – if true, it proves almost fatally that the club clearly doesn’t know what it’s doing. The lines between Oslo and SE25 were clearly fractured when BRG was chairman, they don’t seem to have gotten much better 8 months later. Given this, can Koppout really be believed (yeah, I know..) when he says that KIR hadn’t mentioned a selloff to him? Perhaps those stories I’ve heard about R&G not actually having much faith in Koppout aren’t that far fetched after all….

More later.