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Run of the Mill

Firstly, a quick apology from Lyons 2 Lions 2 – I left my camera at home, so no pics. And it’s a bit of a shame as actually it wasn’t a bad game. We started off – and indeed, for most of it after that – quite briskly. I doubt if it was that suprising when DC scored. Of course, typical WFC, we go to sleep for about 2 minutes and subsequently find ourselves losing. And hey presto, guess what happened………? Well, second half came and went, Wu Tang went on for the crocked DC and immediately repaid with a nice slot home after rounding the goalkeeper. Now, remember when Terry Gibson tried to do that? Still scares me even today. At the end of all that, it finished 2-2, and a good time was had by all. Maybe.


Plus points: A point. Way we came back was kewl. Nice to see Wu Tang (a) play and (b) score. Looked generally fluid, considering….

Minus points: Throwing it away again. Not too sure about our defence. Or midfield.

The referee’s a……: bloke called Uriah Rennie. Remember him? Nuff zed.

Neenaw neenaw neenaw neenaw: The riot police were out in force for the guys from Bermondsey. Some even on our gate. It also transpired that during the first half, there was a clash between some of them and Millwall outside the Holmesdale. Mmm.

Quotes: (1) “I tell you, Palace vs Millwall is just like Palace vs Brighton. Or Wimbledon vs Palace” – CPFC employee to me in the bog (no, this is not some homosexual thing going on). So, looks like the rucks between us and CPFC are going down in the annals of history. Or anals. (2) “Years ago when we went a goal down, we used to ask ourselves when the equaliser was going to come” – CUNW getting dangerously reminiscent. (3) “I tell you what, Michael Hughes has got to be careful that some of the young ones are looking better than him” – my dad. Who also said…. (4) “Andy Roberts is past his sell-by date”. Shh, don’t tell the WFC accountant. (5) “You’re at the wrong place, they’re at Shepherd’s Bush with the Cardiff” – me to a riot copper before I went in. He looked, well, like I knew a bit too much…

Koppout watch: Smiling and “circulating” apparently. Obviously laying the groundwork for his eventual sacking, if Kvaerner is anything to go by.

Truth is stranger than fiction: (1) Sorry, but when was the last time we ever saw riot police at a WFC game? Even Koppout hasn’t needed them yet. (2) Last time we won (a) 3 games on the trot and (b) a league game at SP in the evening was in the days when Buster Merryfield was still alive. (3) Attendance of 7k or so. For the record, Millwall took 8k to Palace.

Confession time: Most of you probably know this, but Millwall are actually my second team. No such thing as split loyalties tonight, but I was almost pointed out at HT for being “one of them” on more than one occasion. Look, just because I have a leather jacket, black Timberlands and a #2 obtained at the Elephant does not make me a Millwall fan, OK? And I have been called a Nazi before…

Reasons not to like Millwall: I will readily admit that Millwall has more than their fair share of pricks.

So, was it worth it? I suppose so. Would be nice to win an evening game at the worst-place-in-England-that-isn’t-in-Bucks.

In a nutshell: City could be fun.