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The Call to Arms

Right all, forget what you’re doing and read this from the Sun today:

“FA Chiefs will decide next month whether Wimbledon can uproot to a new stadium in Milton Keynes. they have agreed to act as peace brokers between the Dons and Fottball League, who have already blocked the switch. Wimbledon insist they did not get a fair hearing from the League. The Dons say thier survival and ability to flourish depends on quitting Smelhust Park. An FA Source said: “This si the last throw of the dice for the Wimbledon board. If the FA back the Football Leagues original decision, Wimbledon will have little option but to look around South West London”

Right then, you know the drill. Get writing to the Football Association. Get your friends writing to the Football Association. The info you need is below:

Football Association,
25 Soho Square,
London W1D 4FA.

Tel: 020 7262 4542
Fax: 020 7745 4546
e-mail: [email protected]

Koppout will no doubt be using every little lie he can, it’s up to us to tell the FA the truth.

Get writing


What a halloween – just got this from the FA:

“Dear Enquirer

There have been inaccurate reports in the press today concerning the FA’s involvement in this matter. May I suggest contacting the Football League with this enquiry, I have included their contact details below.

Football League Headquarters
11 Connaught Place
London W2 2ET

Tel: 0870 442 0 1888
Fax: 0870 442 1 188
e-mail: [email protected]

Confusing isn’t it? Apparently, the FA don’t have the power to sanction or oppose the move (they’re there basically to see the rules of the game upheld), so I guess you should also forward all letters to the FL as well. Also, if you have ANY correspondance from the FL saying they oppose the move, send a copy of that with your letters as well. Can’t hurt.


Well, looks like we’ll be finally aware of what is going to happen to this once great club – whether it will be murdered and farmed off to the biggest parasiticial area of the UK, or whether we’ll stay in London and flourish like we once did – Koppout has revealed that he’s taking us to arbitration, which is the cowards way out. He doesn’t need to do major league court costs, and it’s far easier for him to bribe the people making the decision [all totally libellous, your honour].

Well, like all these things, it’s not so simple. As far as I can work out, Koppout is challenging that the application and subsequent refusals were not playing the game and wants the decision over-turned. In his rather spewsome press release, he still claims that we’re a unique case – unique in so far as we’re run by a guy who can’t clearly dress himself in the morning – and blaming everyone but himself for our problems. The FL are standing firm, sticking to their original position thank fuck, and looks like we could be in for a tense period.

As for the setup of this, I haven’t really a clue at the moment, nor does anyone, but it appears that there will be three judges, all independently and carefully selected – one from Koppout, one from the FL and A.N. Other. Knowing our luck it’ll probably be Simon Jordan. How this is all going to pan out is anyone’s guess. What we do know is that we’re all going into protest mode again, the ceasefire is over and we’re getting the semtex out. Keep an eye out for your locals, and of course WISA and related places. This really is the final push, your club depends on us.