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Into the Valley


Jesuz christ – Best Chairman in Division One 3 Worst Chairman Anywhere 3 and this is starting to get beyond an increasingly unfunny joke. Yes, it may have been a good match. Yes, it may have been five star entertainment. But the fact is this – last night, we threw away a two goal lead TWICE. That’s the third time this has happened in the last two matches, and need I mention Pompey again? And to be honest, serious questions must be asked now. Our defence is clearly not good enough – whilst TB said after the match last night that he’s looking for a “decent quality defender who can also play a bit” he has to be careful that people don’t start calling for his head. We definitely should have won last night, any team that can throw away a two goal lead twice is clearly not good enough.

The game? Well, actually, we did play better than Rotherham, not that that’s saying much. Our goals were spectacular, especially Cooper’s. If you can, try and sneak onto the OS and nab the downloads from there, they really are stunning. Even the steward at HT was impressed by them.


Plus points: We didn’t lose I suppose. Connelly and Cooper look a class above everyone else. Darren Holloway on the bench – not being cruel for once, he probably needs that respite for a little bit.

Minus points: Throwing away a 2 goal lead twice is not how I would say a good team defends. KC was poor, and I would NEVER thought I would say that. Oh, and I note that my previously unpopular views on Kelvin Davis are now becoming more and more accepted…

The referee’s a……… : Don’t ask. Please. And I thought Winter was bad.

Quotes: (1) “Is this Taliban Central?” – somewhat politically insensitive comment made in a less crowded area after leaving the local eatery, which was next door to a mosque. Doubt it, the Yanks haven’t decided to nuke Bradford. Yet. (2) “This could be Terry Burton’s most important 45 minutes” – the horticultural buff at half time. Looks like TB has gotten away with it despite last night – I wonder how long he’ll be treading on thin ice though?

Sad: The playing of “Song 2” every time Bradford scored. Don’t know about anyone else, but I have really grown to hate that song. It’s as cliched as the Sky Sports live football viginettes they show (you know, the ones at Ponti Stamfordi with the quite clearly carefully selected cross section of people, most of whom we all know never really go within 5 miles of a football stadium). And yes, you may have noticed that I have cut-and-pasted the thing from the Rotherham report. Just what is it with Yorks teams and that song?


Truth is stranger than fiction: (1) The weather coming back from Bradford. See left. (2) Seeing us throw away yet another fucking lead. (3) Having to go off the M1 and go down a slip road heading towards….. gulp……. Club Stealing City, Bucks. Thankfully we didn’t lower ourselves to the lowest level by actually going in it but rest assured, I was ready to make the first ever known positive reason for the place’s existance by having a piss there. And we weren’t going to look for a WC either. (4) Did you know that it doesn’t matter how much water you drink, that it’s always better to see the accident you’ve been in and that when you are dead, you can’t wake up again? Well, this is what you learn travelling with the good Doc. He could not find any medical justification, however, for WFC teaming up with Maximuscle.

Anything else? Oh, and this is the first time we’ve ever scored more than 3 goals in Bradford. Still never won there though. With our usual defensive discipline, don’t expect that to change any time soon either

So, was it worth it? As a neutral, yes. As a pissed off Womble, not really. Even if it only was £5 to get in.

In a nutshell: Forget the playoffs.