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At the time I write this, I’m not too sure what’s more a pathetic joke – either the game that was Run by fishy people 2 Run by fish 1 or probably the most insultingly bad press release afterwards. More on the press thing later. But as for the game, jeez. What a dire game. I honestly forgot such games existed, but sadly they came out of this particular closet quicker than Koppout running into a kid’s playground. What is there to say about this game that doesn’t involve me snoring? Well, er, Andy Roberts scored with a 30 yarder, urm, they scored, and urm, Jobi came on and, er, he scored with his arse. Or DC’s arse. And that really was about it. If this was Shoot!, I would give it 1 star. As SW19, I would just say “bollocks” and tell you to read the following:

Plus points: Well we won. And Jobi played well.

Minus points: This game really did suck. Actually, we were a bit lucky.

The referee’s a……. : … sorry, I didn’t notice him. Fuck, this was dull.

Look, did anything go on of note? Well yeah. A Wimbledon fan, who shall go by the name of “I” was going out with a barmaid of a certain pub, who shall go by the name of “T”. Anyway, “I” was going out with her for about 15 months, with, I quote, “not a hint of action”. Until last week, when “T” gave “I” a blow job. See, it wasn’t all bad news.

Urm, tasteful: That’s what “T” said.

Quotes: (1) “We’re playing for a draw” – one Mr Royston Cappel. This after 10 minutes of the first half. (2) “This is boring”. “Who, Jocko?” – me and another SW19 reader discussing the game having been talking to Mr Annette about 5 seconds beforehand. (3) “On the pitch” – seven year old behind me at the sit-in. See Koppout, even the youngsters have been driven to anarchy because of you.

Speaking of cretinous obnoxious yarpie fuckwit lawyers: He was spotted on the phone quite a bit in the first half, complete with quite a bit of police presence around his area. Don’t tell me he’s scared to talk to people? Surely growing up in apartheid South Africa would have toughened him up?

OWFF Watch: Bit farsical, apparently. Reports that Koppout’s proposed constitution got thrown out, and bits of the fans’ constitution were being thrown in after being mysteriously removed were being bandied about. Two weeks in, and already it’s sounding a bit of a failed attempt to rig the vote. Another Koppout fuck up.

Truth is stranger than fiction: (1) A game where we go ahead and don’t lose it. (2) Just how bad was that atmosphere? People are clearly pissed off with the club’s direction, a club without a soul is a club without a hope… (3) Anyone else notice that chopper circling around SP about 15 minutes before the end? Perhaps it was Koppout’s escape. Though hopefully the pilot was one of Bin Laden’s mob about to do a suicide hijack on Milton Keynes. We can but hope.

Anything else? No, not really.

So, was it worth it? If I’d paid £19 for that, I’d laugh in your face before gobbing in it and calling you Charles Koppel. Come to think of it, I’d do exactly the same had I paid 19p.

In a nutshell: I don’t feel like we’ve won.

Of course, most of you are probably wondering about the sit-in etc. Firstly, I was seriously impressed with the amount who stayed behind – about 1.5k-2k I reckon. Secondly, I was seriously pissed off with the club’s response to it. I won’t insult your intelligence about reproducing their press release, WFC have done enough of that. For those wondering what was said, basically all you need to do is to rehash all their words and throw in a few blatant lies about Safeway still going to build on Plough Lane (FACT: they’re on their fourth attempt at planning permission and that ain’t too swift), how it’s too expensive, why MK is still the answer etc etc. All spin, all bullshit.

I could rant and rave about it, but I’ll take a different approach – I have come to the conclusion that this current administration chronically over-rates itself. That press release (which I suppose what them thinking “oh look, we’re doing the fans a favour, aren’t we responsive?”) was full of lies as we know, and whenever you have to resort to blatant lying in a PUBLIC statement, your arguments hold no weight whatsoever. A WISA press release replying to it may suffice IMO. The other thing the press statement proved to me that the club have got ZERO commercial nous whatsoever. If you can’t fund it yourself, try and get other people involved. The ONLY reason why MK is still lusted after by the incompetent pricks in charge is because they don’t have to do anything funding wise. That’s it. Nothing to do with shit like bigger crowds etc, it’s all because we have sad, pathetic men like Reg Davis, Thorley and Koppout making the decisions. That’s why this club is going down the swannee ATM. What sickens me most of all is that they seem to get a perverse kick out of being so – a bit like a paedophile gets kicks out of child porn, I guess.

Couple of other thoughts : firstly, trying to get people to accept such a move as MK would be difficult in itself at the best of times, the club’s handing has made an appaling situation even worse. Secondly, notice how the press releases are trying at least to say that there is some opposition? Sadly for them, their incompetence only makes it worse reading. Thirdly, at the risk of sounding a sourpuss, do we really need to do another sit-in inside the ground after this? I have to confess, when I first heard we were doing it, I groaned, because I believed we had run its course over it. Granted, it worked better than expected, and my hat’s off to all concerned. But next demo must be different. Outside the director’s box, perhaps? That would cause havoc. And obviously such stunts like that Main Stand invasion should be, ahem, not discouraged. Without breaking ground regs of course.

We have a club to save…