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Blocking tactics

Right, sorry about the delay in writing Bastards 1 Blades 1, but that’s the joy of international travel for you 🙂 I didn’t actually make much note of the game TBH, hence the brevity – I think Cooper scored and nobody could pass to save their lives – because like a couple of hundred militants I was down the front giving it some to the cameras. True, some people don’t like that, but then ATM I couldn’t give a flying fuck – our club is on the brink of being MURDERED and we all know that the same people who are anti-anti-MK are the same ones who will complain about the club being moved if it does happen. The whistles did give me tinnitus though, but they made the point – a cursory glance at the papers yesterday all made mention of the protests (one particular description of “screeching” was particularly amusing).

Another good protest idea was the blockading of the Sheff Utd coach – I had to leave early and subsequently didn’t hear about this until last night, but it sounds like it was the first “proper” bit of militancy I’ve seen for a pretty long while (Main Stand Junta notwithstanding). And I bet the FA will be asking questions of WFC as to why it happened, possible embarassment of Koppout is always a good idea. I know that WISA have some ideas as to what to do next, I don’t know myself and obviously if I did I wouldn’t tell anyone, but a quote stating “this is only the start” from guess who shouldn’t be dismissed lightly. The other thing about them was the fact that it appeared to end very peacefully – no mob-rules stuff, which IMO I think would be counter-productive, even at this critical stage. We all know Koppout needs all the ammo he can get, the fact that he can’t get half of what he wants really pisses him off, and that’s the best bit of all.

Again, if you want to find out my opinions of the game, I apologise for the lack of them today. It really was that inconsequencial. I just hope that when this is all done, I can go back to watching Wimbledon Football Club. Not fucking Parasite City FC.