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Au revoir

Right then, this is going to be my last update until the 18th, unless anything REALLY major happens between now and the time I go to bed tonight. The site will be in the capable hands of Dr Wu (writing) and JC (coding), so you won’t go hungry. I will of course still be contactable of sorts, last time I looked the USA did have these things called “computers” with this thing called the “internet”. So don’t slag me off behind my back… Oh, and I badly need somebody to do Stockport. If you’re going, let Dr Wu know, send any reports to him. I would like to know SW19 style what goes on there, please?

Anyway, turns out that Stewart Robson, a man who many (myself included) thought was going to take over from TB should he get the elbow has been elbowed himself. Why? Basically because the players didn’t like him. Or rather, his apparently tough training regime. Now, this to me is a bit worrying – remember the player power shit during Drillo’s time? Can you tell the difference? Bunch of players playing badly, hold meeting and decide they want to do things “their” way. Meanwhile, the club is going up the swanee quicker than you can say “lousy business deal” and it’s two years ago all over again. All we need now is for the Lebanese Tax Evader to drag his greasy smelly arse from Taffland and SW19 will be posting War And Peace-length articles each day, every day.

So what now? Well, it appears that a “proven coach” will now take the reigns – whether that means TB or not I don’t know. All right, so I’m stirring, but here’s a point : should Stockport beat us, TB’s job could be on the line, and up steps somebody called Clive Barker. So I’ve heard anyway, and a large degree of sodium should be taken on THAT score. But it’s clear that all is not right at WFC on the playing side. Very strong rumours that TB and Robson had a major league bust-up in Holland in pre-season look to be holding very true. Couple this with you-know-what and these are very lean times here. Still, if adversary builds character, we’re the strongest fuckers anywhere.

As for Robson, it’s a shame, I always liked him and I found him more, well, “confident” to speak to than TB. Maybe the players didn’t like a strong character? It would explain a lot.

Meanwhile, and this from W&WW, Koppout is in Florida…..

Over to you guys.