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Sky blue thinking

Firstly, sorry for the delay in the Coventry report. My bad. Or rather, my laptop bad. Anyway….


Ever get the feeling that you can’t be bothered any more? Well, after watching Home of Ska 3 Home of Scabies 1 I think even die-hards are wondering why the fuck they bothered. Exactly what Koppout wants, of course, so naturally we’ll still be there next week (well, most of us will anyway). As for this poor excuse of a performance, what can I say that doesn’t involve mass swearing and questioning of Terry Burton’s parentage? Not a lot, so I’ll leave you to fill in your version of events if you want to. It was that bad. It’s quite breathtaking to see just how badly this MK wank has affected all aspects of the club. Last season I would have fancied our chances against teams like Coventry, now? Well, the result above says it all.

Where do we go from here?


Plus points: Well at least Jobi scored. DC played as well as can be expected.

Minus points: I pity anyone who had to pay to get in yesterday.

The referee’s a….. : inconsistant RNIB member.

Coventry: Wank place. Wank fans. I could go on about how they chanted “MK” at us – forgetting how their chairman was one of the Eight Heroes – or how they really do see themselves as rivals of Villa, or how relatively quiet they were despite pissing over us, but I won’t. Oh, and if the Germans want to do to Coventry today what they did during the last war, they wouldn’t hear any complaints from me.

Quotes: Apparently, I missed a load on the train, so those there will have to fill in the blanks here. Still, at least it appears I got home all right. They didn’t. Anyway.. “I’ve changed my mind about playing for Wimbledon. I’m going to play for Coventry instead because then I can come out to the Specials” – Scouse Womble and Specials fan. Listening to the PA system yesterday, and you would think that they had a 2-tone album on rotation.

MIA: Trond. Ou est il? And the guy we all know as Yorkshire Womble said he had some time to kill after the game, so he wanted to have a word with TB. I await the court case 🙂

Truth is stranger than fiction: (1) How bad was that game? (2) Hughes’ miss into a pretty clear goal – he basically sidefooted it. That’s Michael Hughes BTW. Still think he’s god? (3) The amount of people who asked me about my BK København shirt was getting somewhat ridiculous. Hey, it’s called beating the merchandise ban. Next person to ask me about it will have their name and address taken and will find a letter to Koppout in their name saying how much they agree with what he’s doing. You’ve pushed me too far, people…….

Anything else? Yeah – why is our defense so shit?

Was it worth it? No

In a nutshell: Get those 2nd division ground maps out for next season.