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Lone wolf


Arse, arse and thrice arse. Always shit on the fans 0 Always shit on the old gold and black 1 was our however many game without a win. After the debacle of Tuesday came a slightly different debacle. Tell me – when you do a sliding tackle on an attacker and your goalie picks it up, is it deemed a backpass? Well if not, we lost this game because of some severely dodgy decision making. Actually, we didn’t play that badly for once. Wolves certainly didn’t look like a team near the top of the table, though I remember thinking that about a few teams last season who finished higher than us. Main trouble today was the firepower, or lack of. DC can’t do everything himself, Shipps is becoming a tad like Leaburn and I don’t care if he has got a kewl nickname – Agyemann is CRAP.

As for the rest of it……

Plus points: Played with a lot more spirit than Tuesday, not that that’s saying much. Now that Trond is back, we look better in midfield.

Minus points: Losing. Still afraid to shoot. And why did we keep poncing about when we were 1-0 down? Jeez….

The referee’s a …… : Goat fucking cunt who was clearly blinded by having Koppout’s cum in his eyes. Well, how else would YOU describe him?

Speaking of increasingly moronic yarpie club killers : He was there at the game, though he didn’t turn up for the OWFF. Just as well, apparently. But he was seen liasing with some business type chappies.

Aerosmith/Jesus Christ Comeback Award : Neil Ardley, who wowed everyone by returning from a broken leg just two weeks ago with a heart-warming performance of skill, passion and excellence, with a stature rising quicker than Cockpull’s penis on a date with Winkelmann. OK, I’m not being serious – he’s still crap. Did you know he’s called “Dad” by other players?

Quotes: (1) “Bunch of arse” – somebody of my aquaitance after the Wolves goal went in. Bunch of shit, more like. (2) “We ought to sell Agyemann for a packet of biscuits” – my dad.

Ve vill control you: Your humble editor was the victim of Selhurst stewarding today. As you can see above, I have a new camera. Well, I nearly had it taken off me because “you cannot take video”. Like fuck I was doing that. TBH, I think that despite surface-level softening-ups of attitudes at WFC (see “Truth” below), there is definitely a more oppressive atmosphere at WFC going on. This was the first time I have ever been done for photography. I would not be surprised if they’re trying to stop people taking shots for Y&B. Also, the ballboys were being given quite strict instructions by some authoritative looking nonce, which I have never seen before. Be careful.

Truth is stranger than fiction: (1) Why was the scoreboard advertising the next Trust meeting? On Thusday 6th December? No, that is not a typo, not on my part anyway. (2) Mild’s third booking in as many games. Legend status awaits. (3) Weren’t Wolves fans quiet? Bet Reg Davis will be being an obnoxious prick after this result. Mind you, is there ever a time when he isn’t an obnoxious prick?

N–i–c–e: Trond and DC’s new #1 crewcuts. Very stylish.

OWFF watch: Not really a great deal of substance – expect your candidates to give you their manifestos through the mail very soon. Personally, I’m going for whoever promises to nuke Koppout without wasting taxpayers money. Koppout himself wasn’t there, but Mattias “greasy cunt” Hauger was. And was reportedly being quite conciliatory, especially re: Merton. No, I don’t think anyone believed him either.

So, was it worth it? Maybe, but then we always have had a habit of playing well against the top teams in our division.

In a nutshell: Bugger.