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The country blackens


It gets worse, doesn’t it? Saddled 2 Saddlers 2 and I don’t think the mood at WFC has been as black as it has been since we lost 2-0 to Sheff Weds on that fateful night in the Premiership. Last night saw (or heard) the first audible “Burton Out” chants. Burton himself looked pissed, and I could only see DC, Coops and – tellingly – Mild clapping us off. Mild in fact last Saturday hauled back a couple more players to get them to applaud us. As for the game, this should be filed under “WFC midweek SP game”. Yup, it was a carbon copy of every single midweek game. Crap, unable to hold ANYTHING and seriously depressing to boot. DC scored twice, they scored twice but the rest of it looked like we were as disinterested as fuck.

Here goes:

Plus points: Well, we didn’t lose. DC played well despite playing his third game in 7 days. Mild looks good. Minus points: The whole god-damn experience again.

Apparently….. : KD gave a bit of verbal to somebody behind the Whitehorse Lane end. Naughty. Truth is stranger than fiction: (1) The last game we actually won in the league at SP at a night game was 4-1 vs Barnsley. Yes, we all know that, but it’s worth re-iterating once again. (2) The silence after Walsall scored their second goal was eerie. Seriously eerie. Up until then, the atmosphere had been OK. Not special, and despite what Burton says we DO get behind the team despite the club wanting us dead. (3) Walsall’s away support. Makes me almost feel good about ours.

If it makes you feel better: Yellow and Blue is now officially outselling the Official Programme by 4 copies to 1. So much so that Reg “Come On You Wolves” Davis is now apparently nicking various bits out of it to save his failing rag. Great front cover from last nights Y&B – especially what the t-shirts said…

Tramadol Online Next Day Delivery Quotes: “Walsall were as good as us” – my old mum. What an indicement. So, was it worth it? : If you want to see how a club, who showed so much promise on and off the field only a mere matter of months ago, can totally disintegrate in front of our eyes, then yes. Else, no.

In a nutshell: What now?