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New year, same old fight Published by REPD on 3 January 2002 Belated happy new year to anyone who cares. And a very unhappy new year to Koppout. Looks like he’s been leaking stuff about the Arbitration Panel, who they are, what they do etc, all stuff that was supposed to be confidential but isn’t now. You should all know by now who’s on it – David Dein of Arsenil is the major name, along with the bloke from York City who’s selling up and some QC who’s done a bit in the past with sport. Now, bearing in mind that the world isn’t supposed to know this (and the original leak seemed very WFC-centric, WISA haven’t blabbed and I don’t think the FL have either), whoever leaked this has done themselves a massive dis-service. The fact that the very day that this got leaked Koppout went to Brunswick to give a “press briefing” to (I quote) launch a charm offensive speaks volumes.

So, what happened at this press briefing? Well, I and about 6 other hardy souls hung around a park just off Holborn for 3 hours. Got very cold, gave Starbucks some money and got to over-hear some journos who came out of the meeting. None of them sounded that impressed by Koppout, in a heard-it-all-before type thing. Only one thing new came out of Koppout’s mouth – should the Panel lose all sense of reason and give the move the go-ahead, WFC will be playing at MK Bowl next season. No hanging about, no goodbyes, nothing. Two things here – firstly, unless Koppout gave notice to Uncle Ron in August, WFC won’t be going anywhere. Years notice, anyone? Not without some pretty hefty compensation, with money we quite clearly haven’t got, apparently. Yeah, that’s what I was thinking. Secondly, and perhaps may speak volumes, MK Bowl is like Twickenham. No, not a majestic and grand structure, revered the whole world over, but there is a limit to the amount of events held there each year, something like 12. Now, unless there’s been some special deal done (and given the way that the MK legitimacy is smoke and mirrors anyway I’m not too sure), there is no way that WFC could ever hope to play there.

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Generic Ambien Purchase So, taking this all round, what to make of it? Firstly, I believe that despite Koppout’s “supreme confidence” (an alarm bell in itself), he is actually bricking it. He has a LOT of personal stake in this, and if he loses, he can kiss goodbye to going to Florida for a while. If he really thinks he has it in the bag, explain why he only allowed certain journos in (at least two journos were barred, along with LBM’s Gene Saunders), then told them that they would only be allowed to write what Koppout gave permission to. A blunder in itself, as journos don’t like being told what to write at the best of times (when they left, they went straight to us and told us what went on anyway), but shows a huge feeling of paranoia. Hey, if they’re so confident then why so scared about negative press? Because it isn’t so cut and dried? Koppout lies for a living, he’s a lawyer after all, his general body language and ambience illustrates different to his words.

Order Ambien Speaking of words, I can’t really be arsed to list what else he said, other sites do cover it. Needless to say, it’s all proven bullshit and as said before, the journos aren’t buying it. And when that happens, you really do need to give up trying. Like Koppout should have done ages ago

More later
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