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Smog monsters


Well, Bog Monsters 0 Smog Monsters 0 wasn’t bad was it? Pretty good, actually. Could you remember Boro having ANY shots on target? Me neither. All right, so there might have been one at the end, but really it was a very similar game to last year. Minus the silky skills of the legendary Johnathon Hunt who surely would have turned the game 🙂

It’s a little bit difficult remembering exactly what happened in this game, though I do remember us having a penalty turned down in injury time, motherfuckingcuntofareferee. Bit blatant, honest. Sadly, we’ve got to do it all over again in sunny Teeside next week. Book your tickets

None the more for that, here is….

Plus points: The plucky lower division side held the Premiership pedigrees to a goaless draw. Nobody played badly. In fact, we played better than they did.

Minus points: THAT penalty. Arsehole.

The referee’s a ……. : for the penalty, you are perfectly entitled to insert your own expletive. If it relates to fellatio with Charles Koppel, so much the better. Other than that, he did all right….

Quotes: (1) “Resign, Koppel, Resign” – traditional folk song, getting a well deserved airing. (2) “Don’t believe a word he says” – another song relating to the WFC equivalent of Bin Laden. On second thoughs, Bin Laden has more friends.

Speaking of thick, cretinous, obnoxious, retarded, spoilt brat fuckwits who are WFC chairmen: Oh dear oh fucking dear. Do you REALLY love shooting yourself in the foot? Or is it your poor excuse for testicles that you love doing damage to yourself in? I heard you on Radio Dive Live, claiming you never said what you said [SW19 note: if you still haven’t heard, check out WISA or W&WW for the text of what he said. Take some prozac beforehand]. Hmm, you may wish to reconsider that. Seriously, I think you may wish to. See, if you get that weedy QC bloke to bribe the panel to let you have your evil way, you will find yourself living in fear. And it ain’t gonna die down ANYTIME soon. I know you cut off Kris from WISA during your interview tonight. Scared are we? I wondered why your arsehole is three times the size the circumfrence it was before August 2nd, 2001. And it ain’t just because Roekke, Wankelmann and a concrete cow all want you in that “special” way all at once. Resign you cunt. You’ll thank us all for it later, trust me.

Spotted: Masses of stewards and the occasional copper steaming into an area of the main stand near shit scared chairmen about 20 odd minutes into the second half. One guy got led away. In fact, I believe that the main stand became an anti-Koppout cauldron of hate. See, Koppout, even Middle England hates you.

Truth is stranger than fiction: (1) Three times as many Boro fans as there were last year. Insert sneering “gloryhunter” tag here. (2) Not being allowed in a particular entrance of the Holmesdale because I had the wrong seat. And it weren’t just me either. What is wrong with them?

So, was it worth it? Well, a trip to Boro midweek never appeals, but hey – we’re still in the draw.

In a nutshell: Second time lucky.