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Cup of Tee


So, where shall I start with Boro 2 Borrowed Time 0 then? The match for a start : we actually played quite well, except the final third. DC missed a couple of sitters, nobody else came that close to netting, their first goal was offside and I bet that KC wished he’d never had that one night stand with Voodoo’s missus. And, er, that was basically it. Well, in truth, Boro do look sharper in attack than we did, which is why we’re planning to get murdered and they’re planning Man U. All very sobering stuff. It was very cold, quelle surprise, it doesn’t get any shorter journey time wise. But we did take a couple of hundred with us, which was pretty kewl.

Shall I? Oh go on then

Plus points: Midfield wise, we did pretty well. Defense for the most part did hold up. Even Alan “I’m a cunt, me” Green and Chris “I’m a cunt with a shit haircut, me” Waddle salivated over us, though I wonder if we’d been winning, we would get the usual bullshit?

Minus points: We’re out of the cup. And we are relying FAR too much on DC – he missed a couple of sitters, true, but he is allowed to, hell the other strikers aren’t exactly helping him.

You do realise….. : ….that if we were in the Prem again, this is what it would be like every week. Playing wise, of course.

Quotes: “She’s got a banjo arse” – comment made about Jennifer Lopez on the way back. All right, I don’t actually get it. True, you’d want to be stuck in an elevator with her, but if she sat on your face you would definitely need major reconstruction cosmetic surgery. And yes, there are a distinct lack of quotes today..


Truth is stranger than fiction: (1) The stadium was eerily deserted, with 250 or so of us making some noise. Hey, I’ve got an idea – why don’t Boro move to Milton Keynes? Stupid I know, but hey, we have to endure it. (2) And as a result of Koppout’s fuckwit schemes, this could be our last FA Cup game as WFC. Ever. (3) Hearing MK FM or whatever it was coming back for the grand total of 15 seconds before it was switched over. Insert your own comments. (4) Driving back past Plough Lane at 2.25am, and listening to All Saint’s “Black Coffee” – the bit where it goes “I wouldn’t want to be, anywhere else but here, wouldn’t want to change”. Passed Womble Til I Die, as grafittiied on the West Bank exit gates. I hope that those who still think that they have a divine right to murder WFC – that means Koppout, Roekke, Davis, Wankelmann, hell anyone who remotely thinks it’s a good idea – are prepared for the ultimate consequences. I mean it.

Anything else? Not really.

Was it worth it? I don’t honestly know.

In a nutshell: It just seems apt.