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Brum brum


Order Tramadol Online Cod 180 And after the fun and games of Boro comes Zulu Army 0 SW19’s Army 2 – if this is the last ever game we get to see WFC, it’s a fucking good way to go out. The game? Well, in truth Brum were no better than we are – certainly not playoff contenders.

But then is anyone in this division this season? Our lack of firepower up front did look like it was going to cause problems, and when DC had to go off, I kissed goodbye to chances of winning. Then Brum got a penalty, and christ, did they fuck it up or what? It got skied somewhat – I understand the ball is still travelling at speed over Cumbria even as I type this. After that, we came good and in the last 10 minutes Michael Hughes launched one from the edge of the area and BAM. 1-0. We went wild with joy. We went wild with anger when we found out we would have to play 5 minutes of injury time, especially as Brum were looking threatening. None the less, we broke away, Shipps (?) squared it on the byline for Wu Tang (I’ve given up trying to spell his surname) to slot home via the goalies’ legs. 2-0 and much rapture. We would have been even more joyous had we not realised that walking from St Andrews to New Street after a good win is akin to wearing an “I love Bin Laden” t-shirt down the main street of Kabul.

Cheap Tramadol Cod Delivery Anyway, enough of that bollocks, here’s……

Tramadol Bula Anvisa Plus points: We won. Without conceeding a goal. Scoring twice. Nobody played badly. Defense held up well, the Brum penalty was really the only noteworthy shot they had on target (and they didn’t even do that). Hughes goal. Nice to see Wu Tang score, especially after all the shit certain people have given him this season (like, er, me).

Minus points: This could be our last recognised game…

Could? : All right, I’ll explain. A lot of people are/were under the mindset that this could be our last ever game. I am ready to be shot down big time in flames here, but deep down, I just don’t think it will be. Can’t explain it, but this thing has had so many swerves that I’m preparing for yet another one…

The referee’s a ……. : … well, OK, he weren’t bad. Gave Brum the penalty though. Spotted: One of the exec boxes displayed a “Koppel Out” banner which was in full view for two minutes before being told to take it down. Very good. See, Koppout, even the suit-and-tie brigade hate you.

Cheapest Tramadol Next Day Delivery Speaking of moronic Yarpie lawyers who need a gardener: He was there, with about 5 bodyguards. Apparently, he got met just outside the city centre and then got escorted into the ground. Tsk. I think there’s a Black Sabbath* song that springs to mind here, it’s a very famous one. No, not “Iron Man”…… * – oh come on, do you really think I would let a write up on any Midlands awayday pass without mentioning the best thing to come out of Birmingham since the M6 South at least once? Quotes: (1) “See that bag on the pitch. Is that Karen Brady?” – Secret Agent questioning the apparel situated on pitchside. And by apparel, I don’t mean Ms Brady’s sex toys either. (2) “Judge is gonna sue you” – chant started (occasionally successfully) by CUNW re: the Koppoutgate tapes. (3) “Oh Charles Koppel, should make a will” – chant. Death threats, us?

Wankers: Certain public houses in Birmingham and the Euston area of London. Those who know what I mean will know why. I can fully understand why people want to cause aggro in pubs now.

Truth is stranger than fiction: (1) Our last ever game? (2) Doing the double over Brum for the second season in a row, each time winning by at least a two goal margin. (3) An artificial chicken being luzzed about during the game. Charlie, I believe he is termed. Quite a few people being careful of where this Dunlop crafted specimen was being thrown, as nobody wants to be hit over the head with a rubber cock.

Stewards: Pretty good, actually. Let us stand up in a separate area. bcfc_wfc_2k1_1

Tramadol Purchase Online Womble aggro: 10 minutes before the end, we all decided to steam down the front and give it large. Well, actually we all decided to meander down the front to give vocal support to the team and vocal venom to Club Killer. Unfortunately, the Zulu Army (Tilton Road stand, section 40 division) totally misunderstood this and themselves steamed down the front. As my somewhat dark pic shows to your left. Anyway, the stewards were thinking “WTF?” but it actually was considered by us as a bit of a joke. Anyway, we scored twice, and at least two people got lifted plus it appears that one steward got done after the second goal. Revenge? An innocent victim? Who knows, but hey, for a while it was back to the old days. Yup, I loved it. And no, I did NOT start chanting “Millwall” at them. Honest. Anything else? Yeah, the players clapped us off. I think they themselves don’t want this to end in the way many think it will. And it’s things like this that should make Koppout be in fear for the rest of his life. And that’s no death threat BTW, that is hard solid fact. Fuck with the Wombles………….. Was it worth it? If it ain’t, then nothing is In a nutshell: If you’re gonna die, die in the ring. It’s good for business.