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Wimbledon Pie

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Tramadol For Sale Online Uk (to be sung to “American Pie” by Don McLean) A long, long time ago I can still remember how for home games it was half a mile. And I recall how we used to dance as Corky put away another chance And testimonial antics made me smile. But years pass, as our status faltered.
Down the league our position altered.
Bad news every Sunday, inquests on a Monday.
I can’t remember if I cried, as Pahars shot as he cut inside
But something cut me deep inside
The day the Dons went down.

So bye bye to The Premiership.
It’s down to the Nationwide surrounded by shit.
Mediocre stadiums. But that’s just not it!
Players hang your heads in shame.
Just go and hang your heads in shame.

Can You Get Tramadol Online Legally Did you scream at the Bradford game?
And next week sing out Hartson’s name?
Maybe got arrested on the pitch?
Do you remember ’77? In the league. Up in heaven.
And now it seems that life is such a bitch.
Players once plucked from down below. Players no one seemed to know.
We didn’t have a clue, but we love that yellow and blue.
I was a mad, bad, sad young football fan
Who climbed the wall into Plough Lane,
But still to come was Sam Hamman
Before the Dons went down. So bye bye to the money from Sky
As the fans out on the terracing wipe tears from the eye.
It would have been more bearable if Jason had tried.
Now go and hang your head in shame.
Yes go and hang your head in shame.

Now it’s 12 years since the FA Cup, when Beasant turned to lift it up.
And that’s just how it still should be.
When Wisey clipped the free-kick in, and Lawrie was where he shouldn’t have been,
We knew that it belonged to you and me.
But while we stood and sang their names
A chancer came to steal our game.
We gave them all we can. They gave us Sam Hamman.
While he took all our money he could blag, the rumours came of a brown paper bag,
And there’s nothing that we could do.
The day the Dons went down.

So bye bye to Old Trafford game.
Taking points off of United. It just won’t be the same.
And Olsen’s gone. So the players now have no one to blame.
So go and hang your heads in shame.
Go and hang your heads in shame.

Tramadol Overnight Delivery Visa Helter skelter. Down the rain would pelt….Er…
Maybe we should have built a shelter.
Finished 7th then falling fast.
Now we don’t play on our own grass, the long ball hoof replaces the cultured pass.
And Vinny on the sidelines, he just laughs.
While we’ve not got our own ground, Kinnear and Sam make Irish sounds.
They tried to lead the dance, but they never stood a chance.
Coz as the Dons took to the field, supporters they refused to yield.
But do the team know how we feel,
The day the Dons went down

So bye bye to sad Dublin dream.
Coz that’s all it was ever, do you know what I mean?
Now Sam’s left with the crap, while we take all of the cream.
Remember that football’s a fans game.
Now go and hang your head in shame.

The Dell we were there in one place, a generation of time and space,
But too late to start again.
So Carl be nimble, Carl be quick. Don’t make me laugh. He’s much too thick.
And Barnett is the Devil’s only friend.
And I watched them on the stage, my hands were clenched in fists of rage.
They just didn’t seem to care. Not Ardley. He was there.
And as his tears fell just like rain, I felt his anger, felt his pain.
But I know we shall rise again.
The day the Dons went down. So bye bye to The Premiership game.
We’ve left our seat unsat on but we’ll be back again.
So just keep it warm for us, because the Wimbledon train
Will soon be back on track again.
The train will soon be back again.

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Tramadol For Sale Online Cod There’s Girlie Don and Nice Girl C, Florida John and REPD. [you crawler 🙂 – ed]
Jonesy, Flawed and more readers to send.
The thoughts are there of old Plough Lane, where I saw the Dons play in the rain
Because we’re not Carlton Fairweather friends.
Dreams of Fash and Winterburn,
Stevie Galliers, we should learn.
And Dickie Guy’s a hero. I hear he shed a tear though.
And the 3 men I admire the most. Chris Perry. Fash gave up the ghost.
And Sully’s gone. What can I boast?
The day the Dons went down. But now we’re singing. Bye bye to The Crazy Gang.
The echoes in the past of all the songs we sang.
We’re Terry Burton’s Army now, a new song has begun.
We’re coming back, and we’ll be strong again.
We’re coming back and we’ll be strong again.