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Published by REPD on 26 January 2002 pompey_abandoned_2k1

Best Place To Order Tramadol Online Arse, arse and thrice arse. Just what the hell is it with postponements this season? There I was, on the 1138 Wimbledon to Fratton Express of Doom, when I get a phone call telling me the game is off. A double check two minutes later confirms that this is not a windup, and the delights (?) of Guildford are sampled briefly. Hence the rather stunning picture of Guildford station on a damp Saturday afternoon. Just to show you what it’s like.

Order Tramadol From Uk Anyway, who shall I blame for this? Koppout of course. There is no doubt whatsoever that he arranged for the pitch to be waterlogged so that nobody would protest. Hell, he probably joined in the water hosing, though chances are he probably stuck the hose up his arse and turned the tap on, “just like Pete does it” apparently. Hey, can you disprove that?

Tramadol Legal To Buy Online So, what did happen today? Well, I got this priceless quote at Guildford station from the PA system – “If you’re going to Fratton to see Portsmouth vs Wimbledon today, the game has been abandoned”. Urm, aren’t games supposed to start before they get abandoned? Talk about rubbing it in. I have some other quotes, but they have been censored to protect the vulnerable and innocent, ie me. Oh, and I tried to break my leg at Clapham Junction but that’s another story. And I got my train fare refunded, so that was nice.

No idea when any replays are. No doubt Koppout will try and get that called off as well, assuming he’s still walking.

Ho hum.

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