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Hitting the Wal


Look, do you really care about Saddlers 2 Wells 1? Because I’m fucked if I do. OK, so yesterday was a new ground for me (my 62nd or so, I believe), we played well for about the first 900 seconds and then fell asleep as per usual. Shipps netting probably shocked us so much that we allowed Walsall back, and conceding a last minute goal was probably no more than what the home team deserved.

But really, last night I just got to the stage where I wondered why I’m actually bothering with this shit. All of it. Why I’m bothering spending money. Why I’m bothering doing more miles than a travelling salesmen to watch a team who may be MK Dons in waiting.

Why I’m bothering risking my neck with stewards who want to nab me for taking pictures (as what happened last night). Why I’m worrying about this whole thing to the point where I now have a seemingly permanent dull in my kidneys due to the mass amount of alcohol. I’m even questioning why I’m writing this report or why I’m even bothering doing this site. Oh yeah – because people will moan at me if I don’t get it up soon 🙂 I certainly ain’t doing it for the love of WFC Ltd at the moment, that’s for sure

Anyway, enough self-indulgent morbid bollocks, all you need to know about the game is the following:

Plus points: Well, we scored a goal.

Minus points: The way that we just stopped playing just proves the utter misery around WFC at the moment.

Name one incident that summed up the game: Trond’s wild – very wild – free kick on 92 minutes.

The referee’s a …….. : He missed quite a bit for us.

Nice: The Chicken Balti pie at Walsall. The cost of beer in the Saddlers Club bar. Shame we almost got thrown out for singing.

Not so nice: The Chicken and Mushroom pie. I swear it was alive.

Man Of The Match: Jobi. Only person who actually seemed like he wanted to win.

Phoenix From The Flames: Duncan Jupp, Jupp, Jupp. And yes, he did fuck it up, up, up.

Sad: The mouthy Walsall 12 year olds in block H. Wasn’t that a TV programme?

Quotes: “This is just horse nipple” – Drunken One, summing up procedings better than I could.

Truth is stranger than fiction: The whole thing is fucked

Was it worth it? Really, I just can’t put myself about enough to answer that question. Put that as a “no”.

In a nutshell: Wake me up when it’s over.


There is of course only one thing on all our collective minds, and that’s the long awaited fudge decision of the Panel. It’s clear that the FA felt that they couldn’t – or shouldn’t – have made the decision in the first place and have sent it back to the FL to once again, think about it.

And I’m worried, because despite the amount of assurances I get that the FL will block it again (including an off-the-record quote from one Mr Craig apparently), I just cannot help thinking that this time, they’ll bottle it big time and allow the move to go ahead.

Yeah, Koppout’s celebrating, because he feels he’s been vindicated that the FL was “wrong”. He should be defeated, but TBH this little reprieve could galvanise him. Are “we” getting complacent? The automatic assumption that the FL will reject it again could point to that. Or just jaded to the point that we cannot keep fighting? As my little solliloquy above demonstrates, people are generally worn out and this IMO could finish us off. I mean it.

Remember, we got the decision because we forced the FL to throw it out, “we” have put a LOT of effort into this Panel and it’s still up in the air. Without “us”, will the FL buckle under Koppout’s lies? I’m glad that some people have got a great deal of positivity about this whole thing, because I need a fucking massive leap of faith about this ATM. If all the ICM polls, the postcard writing, the stadia design, the whole damn f’n thing means that we’ll STILL be waiting around, I fear the worst. What else has Koppout up his sleeve? I shudder to think, probably about 72 brown envelopes to make people like him. The right people, need I add. I wonder what KIR meant by it being “in the bag”. Is this a war of attrition, and we’re worn down right now? How badly do WFC Ltd want MK? Too badly, I’m afraid.

As for what now, I guess whatever energy you have left, keep going. It may be worth it. Somehow, as Walsall seemed to signify to me, I just have a horrible feeling it will be all in vein.

Where’s the happy pills?