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Owl with delight


And after the debacle of West Brom at the shithole that doesn’t have concrete bovine, comes a slightly more pleasing performance : Owls 1 Nighthawks 2 was probably what you should expect from us. Much better performance than previous, but then we are playing away from SP. So, what went right for once? Few things – one, we started to play a little more direct (obviously TB is like Jesus – he didn’t like crosses much either), though we fuck about with it far too much for my unsophisticated liking. Two, Wednesday are utter shite. Three, I think the criticisms have galvanised the team a little bit. Funny that.

Shall we?

Plus points: A win. Away. Generally much more improved. Defence (apart from their goal) looked sound. DC scoring – must have been a major confidence boost.

Minus points: Their goal – our defence acted like it was in a coma.

Funny: The own goal which gave us the win. All right, so it wasn’t exactly on a par with Noel Blake’s, ahem, efforts in the past, but it still rawked.

Not so funny: That fucking annoying Wednesday band. As we all know, that band is presented to us by anally retentitive piles of shit like Soccer AM as “fun” and how whacky football fans are, so naturally SW19 wishes all of them to somehow forget to play them in future. It was decided by us to form our own band sans instruments. I took up the mock Johnny Cash guitar, an imaginary drum was imaginarily banged and an invisible flute was played. Renaissance, eat your heart out. Saw them coming outside afterwards BTW. And no, I didn’t.

Definitely not funny: Leaving the ground and walking through that Leppings Lane tunnel. What a black museum piece. You would have thought that Wednesday would have least pulled that stand down, though of course that would cost money. And hey, they have to spend the money on far more important things like over-expensive players in order to impress Sky TV. Hell, it took them long enough to put up a measly little plaque outside the ground…

Woking watch: Back by popular demand. The man who Boris Yeltsin modelled himself on was seen consuming – get this – FIVE sausage rolls. Hmm, bit of an addictive personality there, eh? All together now, “No to sausage, no to sausage…”

Salutations to our new readers: SW19 is now read and enjoyed by the Met Police. Hello kind sirs. And CUNW sends his sincere personal greetings 🙂

NOTE: SW19’s ARMY would like to announce that despite the Met reading this site the tone and attitude of these scribings will not be compromised in any way shape or form. Primarily because I have a duty to the downtrodden Womble to maintain my radical thought provoking stance on most WFC issues, but also because if I toned it down the Met will start getting suspicious. Oh, and hello again Mr Policeman.

Sing me a song, you’re a singer: Due to the aboveformentioned wankyness of the Sheff Weds band, getting non-manufactured singing was quite tricky, so…. “Deeeano, Deeeano, Koppel’s scum and he let you go” in reference to Bambi, “You’re not banging anymore” from us to them when we scored our first. Also, there was a song about Koppel’s wife but let’s not go there.

Truth is stranger than fiction: (1) Coming from behind to win a game. When was the last time that happened? (2) Me actually bothering about the result and how we played. Look, I know that people’s collective interest in WFC and football is at an all time low point – mine certainly is – but on occasions, I really need to sit down (or stand up) and remind myself why I do this. I’ll go back to being miserable for Forest. (3) Weird incident in a Sheffield offy – one Womble, talking in phone about some clean yet somewhat saucy behaviour was openly threated by a Sheff Weds fan “not to swear in front of my fucking kid”. He then threatened to sort out “that bollocks” out side, then proceded to buy a can of lager. Hmm, obviously swearing, violence and alcoholism is acceptable role model behaviour in Yorkshire then.

Anything else? Hmm, heard something interesting yesterday. Won’t say what it is though.

Was it worth it? Well, yeah, I guess so.

In a nutshell: Better. Now sort it out off the pitch.