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Another game, another contest of complete and utter non-description. Honestly, once again I am struggling to put into sufficient words how utterly dire Forest 0 Trees 0 was. It actually had all the hallmarks of an end-of-season snoozefest, which considering the actual season ends in little over five weeks time is probably no major surprise. The sad thing is, it all started off quite promisingly : Forest had a major attack which they bodged up. We broke away and hit the post. And, er, that was it. Anyone who turned up after the first two minutes should have asked for their money back. Come to think of it, those there for the full 90 should be considering refunds.

I suppose I ought to continue…

Plus points: Well we didn’t actually lose, did we? And we kept a clean sheet. Adam Nowland debuted and looked pretty lively – better than Wu Tang, perhaps.

Minus points: Didn’t score. Pretty much everything else.

Absolutely major minus point: DC losing his brain and aiming a swipe at the Forest player. This after we got a free kick and there was a tussle. Cost us the chance of all three points? Probably.

The referee’s a……. : Actually, he weren’t bad. Let play continue certainly, especially when Forest players were down injured.

Woking watch: Woking reliably informs me that his mum is after me. Gulp.

Vocals: Man, it was DEAD. Even our repetoire was muted. In fact, the whole atmosphere was really really weird. I sat there today, and at least once I thought, “why?”

Truth is stranger than fiction: (1) I don’t care how many times I say it – Forest have fallen much, MUCH further than we have in a short space of time. (2) As mentioned above, the whole place felt decidely strange (3) Forest got their third or fourth biggest gate of the season today. All together now – “come to see the Wombles, you must have come to see the Wombles”. Ahem. (4) Did a well known Y&B associated Womble really spend the time before the game looking for a barber’s shop around Nottingham?

Weather with you: Fuck it was cold. And wet. And very bright. And windy. And wet. And very bright. And windy. And cold. And very bright. And wet. And windy. And very bright. And cold. And wet. And very bright. And wet. And windy. And have I said how cold it was?

Anything else? Yeah, somebody (mentioning no names) has a quote about the contents of my wallet. I offer no comment.

Was it worth it? Guess

In a nutshell: See you at Pompey.