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Naval frigate


Sorry that this report is going to be a bit on the brief side, as I’m still packing to go to the land of Tullamore Dew, Richmond sausages and Matalan, and also I decided not to write any notes whatsoever, so here goes. Wasn’t Ark Royal 1 Park Royal 2 kewl? Well, it didn’t exactly start out kewl, just bloody wet. Very bloody wet as it goes. And they went 1-0 up with a goal which typically I missed. We played OK though, and as they (and the weather) got worse we got better. The runs that we were making got better, and it was no surprise we equalised. And then as for the finishing goal, I can’t actually remember it as I ended up in a mass orgy down the front. No tongues though.

So what?

Plus points: A win. Coming from behind again (fnar). Generally played very well.

Minus points: Conceding the goal.

The referee’s a…….: I dunno, did he do anything?

God: Dave Beasant. Loved the applause we gave him. Still a hero and he appreciates it.

Git: Quasie (wasn’t he some really crappy citrus drink from the 80s?), who mouthed “merchant banker” at a well known Y&B person. Yeah, and I bet you know what it means as well, don’t you eh? Twat.

Woking’s mum watch: She is STILL after me. Going to try and get me at the Wolves game, apparently…

Quotes: (1) “You’ve taken your best player off” – Lurch, during the game, on subbing Lionel Morgan. And yes, I heard him. (2) “We want Burton Out” – chant heard after previously mentioned incident. Oh, OK, it was me singing it. I apologise.

Truth is stranger than fiction: (1) The first time I can ever recall us winning at Fratton Park. (2) That weather just SUCKED. Anyone else think it would be called off?

Anything else? Yeah, isn’t the traffic shite in Pompey?

Was it worth it? A win is a win

In a nutshell: Watch us lose to Stockport.

Anyway, I’m off now, CU all after the Stockport game. And don’t do anything I wouldn’t do 🙂