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Taking Stock

OK, I’m back from the land of Paddy Power, and thanks to Tim P, we now have a Stockport report. Enjoy…

For the first time since Birmingham City, an enjoyable game at ‘home’ feeling like the old days in the Premiership when we used to send teams even worse than us down. Dons 3 Downty 1 reminded us what being a football fan was all about: supporting your team to the bitter end and being noble about it if it all goes tits up.

Although they only brought 100 or so the Stockport fans seemed prepared for the worst and enjoyed it when the Grim Reaper, this time in the form of David Connelly, came knocking.

Plus points: Connelly back to form with two goals, the first a cracking 25-yard free kick albeit in an ideal position and the second a neat finish into the corner from 15. Stockport’s consolation goal was applauded by all, chuffed that they had something good to cheer about when doing the conga, although the Holmesdale singing “Walking in a John Daly Wonderland” was taking the piss a tad.

Minus points: The despised clueless, soulless and miserable Palace stewards trying to stop 50 or so County fans doing aforementioned conga in the 8000-capacity Arthur Waite. What exactly the danger is I haven’t a clue.Ridiculous piece of jobsworthsness.

Referee’s a……………: ….invisible man. Didn’t notice him at all.

Truth is stranger than fiction: (1) Having a goalkeeper coach taking charge of a first-team match after TB’s appendix had played up (will he blame that on us too?) [Don’t say that, you’ll give him ideas – SW19]. Stuart Murdoch did a lot of raving and ranting and even made a good switch (Shipperley on for Aggy). (2) The 20 or so Dutch contingent, a few of which had Feyenoord shirts, who’d come to see Diddy Dave in action. At 2.45pm they must have wondered if they had come to the right place with only about 1000 in the groud. Schtopp! This crowd isn’t ready yet.

Soccer AM watch: Apparently 8 bogus Wimbledon fans appeared on Lovejoy’s wankfest, all 17-18 from Milton Keynes and thought Dave Bassett was our Cup final boss. One was even called Jonesy….

Anything else? Singing “Loyal Supporters” to the County fans as they left Shitehurst as they planned their trip to Plymouth.

In a nutshell: Wimbledon Ladies could have beaten that lot.

Was it worth it? For once, yes.