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Rother boys


Wasn’t Not At All Funny 1 Chuckle Brothers 0 a weird one today? Seriously weird. I’m not too sure whether this was something to do with the weather or what, but something just didn’t feel so, well, there. If you know what I mean? Obviously not. This was one of those games which we usually fuck up on, so it was pretty pleasing that we did win this. In truth, we bossed the game without really getting anywhere. Then we get a free kick, up steps Lionel, and WALLOP. 1-0, and your humble editor tries his hardest not to spill his tea. The rest. Well, er, there wasn’t a great deal TBH. Nowland came on and looked kewl. We miss DC. And people STILL hate Koppout.

Inwards and upwards….

Plus points: We won. At Zitburst. Without conceding a goal. Defence looked OK. Nowland will look good, many people impressed by him. Lionel’s free kick – stunning. Their sending off, after the attempted rape and buggery foul on Nowland.

Minus points: Have to admit, I was reading Y&B for most of the second half.

The referee’s a………. : Oh christ, what can I write without getting into legal shit? I can’t accuse him of giving head to Koppout because I used that one last week. I could say how good he was, but that would be lying. Ah, what the hell – he was a grade “a” cunt who has top diplomas in wankyness and incompetence.

Brighton Womble watch: Now that Woking (of “Woking Watch” fame) has become a model of sobriety and sensible drinking, I was instead asked to keep score on Mr BW (after he got totally legless on Thursday, apparently). He was drinking half a lager and complaining about dodgy beer. Hmm, yes.

Can somebody explain to me : those dancing girls. Why? They’re all jailbait anyway, it looks dumb and any attempts to soften the Womble mass into submission by scantily clad females never works anyway. Ask any doctor and they’ll tell you that repressed sexual activity results in a more violent reaction to situations. Probably. One other thing – they were called the Genus Girls or something. What, pray, does “Genus” mean? Is it Afrikaans for “bunch of total slappers”?

Quotes: (1) “Bet he scores this” – your esteemed if somewhat humble editor before Lionel’s free kick. (2) “This game is a bit like a meaningless end of season game” – un-named Womble on procedings. Urm, perhaps that’s because it WAS a meaningless end of season game. For us, anyway. (3) “Not only do we look better without Cooper and Hughes but it makes Koppel even more unpopular” – same un-named Womble again, adopting the SW19 “shit is good” approach to life in general. You’ve been sitting near me too long.. 🙂

Rotherham fans: Not that many of them. Not really inclined to singing much either. Oh well.

Truth is stranger than fiction: (1) The crowd was sparse, giving a real weirdness to the whole place. (2) Did we REALLY not concede a goal? (3) Being searched for keys and nowt else before entering today. Although I am fully aware that keys if used correctly in a certain way can cause much injury, what’s the point unless you’re going to steam into Koppout’s area and pierce him a hundred times to death? At least they ignored the sniper I sneaked in.


And speaking of our player-selling, suspect slalom ski-ing, “why does everyone hate me?” chairman who really ought to have got the hint by now : He was there, though needless to say, he was “keeping his head down”, so to speak. I always knew he swallowed. Apparently, he got some grief in the car park after the game as well. You see Koppout, you really aren’t safe at all are you? And did you REALLY go on business last week? Funny how he was allegedly seen in a club at 3am whilst “on business”. Wonder what sort of business he’s on if he’s doing that? On second thoughts, do we really want to know…?
Anything else? Well, in essence, not really. Even the coppers and stewards were being subdued.

So, was it worth it? Yeah, I guess so.

In a nutshell: Booked your Sheff Utd jaunt yet?