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Flashing blades

Enough pretence – I am now a fully paid up member of the MK Dons project. Yup, after passing it on the train today, I have decided that it really IS the way forward for us. No arguments. You see, really we have had no hope at SP anyway, and it’s quite clear that when the next council election is over, Merton will drop us like a stone. We’re not paying for the stadium and it’s not THAT far up there. Hell, you can even go from Wimbledon to Clapham Junction then onto MK.

WISA? Dons Trust? Nice try everyone, worked hard etc but we simply cannot afford it. Football is fucked big time now, and it’s only a matter of time before something like this happens, so why don’t we be the first? Teams like Palace will be going to Weston-Super-Mare, that’s a sure mark. Football isn’t really about this community stuff, as nicely placed as it is. Football is just simply too big a business now for small clubs to survive, except in amateur status only. And we never won the FA Cup by being amateur. So I think it’s time that really, we all stopped protesting. We all stopped singing “You can stick your Milton Keynes up your arse”, and take this club forward. I know it, deep down we all know it’s right. Anyone fancy redesigning this site so it now reads MK’s Army? Email the usual address please.

And in case you haven’t twigged, look at the date. SW19’s ARMY is still very much MK No Way. Indeed, I would suggest CK FOAD, slowly and very painfully. Don’t be fooled, Plough Lane is the only option. You can stop hating me now 🙂


Anyway, moving very swiftly along, and despite Koppout’s best efforts, the team’s performance in producing Def Leppard 0 Kiss FM 1 was pleasing, if not entirely spectacular. Are the playoffs REALLY achievable? We’ll doubtlessly have a better idea come 9.45pm Thursday but maybe, just maybe, there are green shoots of prosperity growing from the previously stained soil of WFC. On the pitch, at least. In truth, we didn’t create that much, played a lot like the away team (especially second half) and we still fuck about with it too much for my liking. But hey, a win is a win, especially from a designated “home” setting. And it only cost a fiver to get in.

Shall we?

Plus points: A win. Away. Without conceding a goal. Stuart Murdoch’s record is looking quite decent now, trips to Cleethorpes notwithstanding. Fine play by Kelvin. Neil Ardley played quite well, he deserved his blatantly deflected goal off Judas Curle (laugh? Moi?).

Minus points: KD’s kicking yet again. Morgan and Jobi looked out of it. Willo getting crocked in the gob. Not having any shots hardly in the second half.

The referee’s a …….. : He was OK as it goes. Unlike some refs, his very presence didn’t cause me to split blood.

Quiet: Sheff Utd fans, except for the one 10 year old after the game who gave us a V-sign and told us to “fook off back to Loondon”. I guess that must be South Yorkshire speak for “hope you enjoyed your visit to our city, please remember to take the second exit at the roundabout to return to London”. Probably.

Reasons to like Sheff Utd: Probably the Harry Bassett thing, but I still feel guilty for them going down in 94, thanks to Hammam and Segers taking the dough.

Reasons not to like Sheff Utd: Well, OK, Sheffield is a dump.

Woking watch: Missed the 1724 from Sheffield to St Pancras, carrying a whole crate of alcoholic beverages, not before giving us a wave (ahem). Hope you enjoyed travelling back with the Wall 🙂

Your song: Due to the aboveformentioned lack of banter between us and t’Blades, we amused ourselves with the following : “We had Super Kevin Cooper on the wing”, aimed at you-know-what. Indeed, Koppout got some right stick, including “Scum” and “Let’s all wave at Koppel”. More on him later. Elsewhere, a shoe was, ahem, liberated, and was eloquently luzzed about creating the ditty “Shoe are you?”. Keith Curle got some – “Are you Koppel in disguise” – though given Judas’ anti-MK comments, that was a bit uncalled for. Honest. Moving on, Reefer Womble got it as well – “Womble till you’re high”, but then so did your humble editor regarding THAT chant. Something about me being the “son of Satan” as well. Hmm. And finally, one aimed at our Northern counterparts following a right iffy challenge on KD – “You’re trying to get it called off”, after the West Brom impromptu five-a-side contest.

Your song – Lionel Morgan/1125 [officially] special: It has been decided to think of some proper chants for Lionel Morgan. References to his organ by at least one hetro male raised eyebrows, though the clear winner (?) was the tune to that crappy “The Lion Sleeps Tonight”. Deep breath – “In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the Lionel scores tonight. A win away, a win away a win away” etc. Trust me, that WAS the best one. Is that a barrel being scraped?

Facts for the memory: Did you know that Stuart Murdoch was once goalkeeper for Northallerton, and never progressed higher? That’s one for all you fact fans out there.

It is more than my life’s worth to say this, hehe: One female womble claiming she was the fittest of all WFC female fans whilst panting and sweating. Me, I never take things out of context……….

Truth is stranger than fiction: Bonus bank holiday edition of this one : (1) Seeing Leeds, Fulham and Spurz fans getting off the same carriage coming southbound towards St Pancras. (2) Shipp’s miss in the first 5 mins. Basically, it was easier to score. The poor man’s Emile Heskey. (3) Your editor not being inclined to take any pictures of toilets in Sheffield. (4) I-Spy on the train coming back. Nope, not the observation game, but the actual book of railway signs, signals etc, that I thought had disappeared along with the plague and Texan bars. My participation in all this was merely an ironic and highly cynical statement. Honest. (5) Spotting Matthew Parris at Kings X station. He’s an ex-MP BTW, and writes for the Times. Wonder if we can get him to join the Trust? (6) A very, very, VERY mad Scottish bloke who tried to start a fight with me on the Northern Line for no apparant reason whatsoever. Would have been quite funny, except the guy did actually want to kill me. No April Fools joke here.

Wahey, it’s Koppel time: He was there (I wondered what that smell was), but he did not acknowledge or even LOOK at the players at full time. I really wonder how he feels, him trying to scupper the team and yet they still keep on winning? If he was normal, he would take the hint and go. But he isn’t and he won’t. If fan pressure and (now bleeding obvious) player dis-satisfaction won’t get rid of the little shit stain, what will?

Anything else? Hmm, not really TBH.

So, was it worth it? Yeah, guess so.

In a nutshell: Watch us lose to Crewe.