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Railway sidings


Thank Satan they don’t play football regularly on a Thursday (yet), otherwise SW19 will be even more neglected than usual 🙂 Anyway, bit late, but Limo Riders 2 Railwaymen 0 broke two major curses in one day. You know what they are, and everyone else mentions them, so I won’t…

The game? Well, it was basically a bit of cannon fodder really, though in the past we’ve fucked these games up big time. Not last night though, perhaps the campaign for Stuart Murdoch For Manager should really kick into life. OK, we relied on KD to rescue us when our defence acted like they were watching the Queen Mum lying in state, but still, it was comprehensive enough.

I know my report on procedings is even more vague than usual, but here goes….

Plus points: We win. At SP. In the evening. Solid all round performance. Doing yet another double. The increasing love for Adam Nowland, and he loves us as well.

Minus points: Lionel “I still haven’t got a decent song” Morgan gets crocked.

The referee’s a…… : Nope, didn’t notice him. Anyone?

Playoffs? Possible, though Millwall winning tonight has probably scarped that to a point. Besides, do you REALLY trust the Prem League chairmen to be so anti-MK as the FL? At least a bit of a buzz is happening around WFC, which makes a change from the usual stench around here.

Woking watch: His mum is STILL after me, though I am now assured that she is a nice person. Oh, and Woking was being teetotal, well in comparison to me he was.

Spotted: Reg “Crap Builder” Davis’ new car. A yellow monstrosity, with the somewhat self-promoting REG letters as part of the numberplate. Hmm, when the fat Wolves twat asked for a registration plate that showed the world who he was, the DVLA turned down 12C UNT. Can’t think why. Oh, and the car is a Smart car, which is the most ironically named vehicle since the Reliant.

Truth is stranger than fiction: Winning a game at SP in the league in the evening for the first time since Barnsley 4-1, and winning 3 games on the trot since fuck knows when. Oh wait, I said I wouldn’t mention any of that. Bugger.

So, what of the sold-the-advertising-rights-to-the-powerboat-championships-for-£1-yes-that’s-£1 individual who really has gone beyond contempt? He’s flipped. Definitely. Yeah, I know the guy belongs in a mental hospital, and if he lived in Victorian times he would have been in the nuthouse being laughed at for being so deformed, but seriously, this bit will shock you : he was seen APPLAUDING and was seen ON HIS FEET during the game. Don’t ask me why either, maybe he’s been stung by the comments made that he’s a swivelled eyed nonce who hates football and is trying to convince the plebs that he really is one of us. Nice try, though I don’t think anyone believes him. Coincidentally, Koppout was due to go on Crapital Old last night but was “in the boardroom” and refused to talk to anyone. Maybe Roekke was there and was “punishing” him for the OSP fiasco IYSWIM

Anything else? Yeah, tomorrow for the Bradfart game there’s a WISA EGM over the season tickets. Your humble editor will be there not paying attention to anything being said whatsoever as usual, but in seriousness this is quite important. Be there if you’re a member, and if you’re not, attend and join up.

So, was it worth it? What? Breaking two major voodoos in one game? Why, erm….

In a nutshell: Maybe, just maybe…

Normal match reports will resume tomorrow, I promise….