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Thrown to the Wolves

Right, that’s me done for this season, off Stateside. So I shall leave you in the capable hands of Mr MJS in my absence.

There is still plenty to say though, so…


If you really did think that playoffs were still possible, then Slade 1 Bay City Rollers 0 would have got that thought out of your cranium. Plenty of people said that we did more than match them in the game, though personally I thought we didn’t deserve to win due to our shooting (lack of). Plenty of piss-poor performances from people like Shipps, DC and (especially) Wu Tang. Their goal came from WFC’s same way of handling corners as a Suzuki jeep or Ayrton Senna. And that is really about it. A vast difference to last year where we urinated over them. Still, they had something to play for didn’t they?

Special mention to Kevin Cooper, who, when we chanted “If you all hate Charlie Koppel clap your hands” whilst walking over to us nodded his head. Class.


Plus points: None discernable.

Minus points: Well then, TB returned to management duties and it showed. Too much poncing about. Off days for our strike force (do they have on-days these days?).

The referee’s a……… : Hmm, yes, well.

Molineux: Admittedly a very stunning ground, unlike most new stadia it has character, and when the locals are up for it, it can whup the arse of most Prem teams. Too many of their fans are still morons though. Anyone know what Molineux means BTW?

Us: 600 strong turnout, aka all tickets sold. Contary to popular belief little if any West Brom in there, though the “Boing Boing Baggies” tribute to the Hawthorns dwellers REALLY wound up the Wolves fans. Very few chants from us as it goes, maybe it was the fact that we all had to sit in our usual seats. Or maybe we were examining the atmosphere. Or maybe as usual when we take loads more people the atmosphere from us suffers big time.

Rod Steward: Steward behind me told me the recent story of when the Wolves went to South Bermondsey to take on the Millwall (Wolves won that one, apparently), but with a tone of pride in his voice. Bit disconcerting, though it’s far better than being treated like a black South African under the Koppel regime. I could have told him the story of RJM taking on the Millwall all by his lonesome but I had to let him wallow in his team’s moment of glory (or is that gory?)

Spotted: (1) The aboveformentioned RJM, sans RJ, but with a guy who looked like his older brother. No idea of what they get up to of course, though they look like they could be the 2002 version of the Interesting Brothers* (2) David Barnard, ex WFC chief exec, at half time. Wearing a rather, ahem, fetching denim jacket. Funny thing is, Barney is reportedly supposed to be in a consortium to buy out QPR, so why was he watching WFC? Hmm..

* – for the WFC hooligan nostalgia freaks. Not that SW19 encourages, not even merely condones, violence in any way shape or form. Hello Mr Policeman.


WISA “Noisy” Funbus: Leaving at 8am never does people any good. The crack female hardcore WFC crew* and occasionally trapped male (left) causing mayhem and destruction by waving to passing cars. Being asked if I would prefer either Kylie or Danii (Danii, BTW, she’s a bit classy, whereas Kylie is merely lusted over for her arse), 1 marrow or 4 courgettes. Doing things on the way back that I thought were illegal. Coach driving at 35mph or so. Do I Not Know That, viewed by more people on Funbus than on ITV Digital at broadcast time. Others too numerous to mention (except Heart F fucking M). Can you imagine the zombies at MK having similar fun?

* – the aboveformentioned female crew are in truth lovely people who are not warmongeresses, and in fact are more at home doing traditional girlie things such as embroidery, flower arranging and getting nervous at the mention of the word “blowjob”. Hello again Mr Policeman.

Truth is stranger than fiction: TBH, the biggest TISTF of all is that this could well have been our very last away game, or at least the very last away game worth bothering with. And that makes me sad. And angry. And, well, TBH if somebody was to do something violent towards those responsible for this (says he choosing his words carefully) I would find it very hard to find fault with them. As somebody put it yesterday, “I just want this fucking crap over and done with”.

Anything else? Well, there was apparently a massive ovation for Kevin Cooper receiving the Y&B award after the game from the Wolves fans. Apart from that, not really.

So was it worth it? Oh come on, you don’t need me to answer that do you? Do you?

In a nutshell: Thrown to the Wolves.

Meanwhile, to prove that I do supply things other than match reports which don’t actually mention the game, interesting stuff eminating from Norway (thanks to the SW19 Norwegian correspondant) : KIR has basically lost 100m NOK (Nog krone) on WFC alone, no idea what that is in sterling but it sounds a lot. It seems like the Norwegian press are getting on his back over all this, questioning just if he’s any good at running football clubs. It’s thought that KIR is pursuing MK purely out of spite, just to prove to everyone that he indeed “can do”, and these figures seem to back that up. So the next question is, should we be switching targets from Koppout? Are ST boycotts actually going to make any difference whatsoever? If the FL reject MK for a third time, will we have an even bigger battle on our hands? Hell, this is going to not go away anytime soon.

All this will be answered in due course no doubt. In the meantime, I’m out of here. See you from the land of the free market.