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Honour without blemish

It may be somewhat goulish, all of this, that on the very day that three supposedly independent panelists accepted Charles Koppel’s offer of oral sex, followed by half an hour with a 13″ strap-on and then rewarded with a brown envelope or two, that SW19 rises from the molten ashes (and I don’t mean the ashes that will be the remains of the WFC club offices/shop/Farian/Brunswick/Milton Keynes Bowl soon enough) and takes on a rather sinister new feel

Yes, I know I said I was closing the site. Yes, I know that merely typing this very thing has made me into a total hypocrite, a liar and a two faced wanker. But in this ironic and somewhat fucked world we live in, it’s only the murder of Wimbledon FC that has bought the ghost of political unsoundness back from its burned out grave. Had the FA Commission did what they were supposed to, you’d still be reading the obit. But we all know different don’t we?

So, why the resurrection after the fall? I merely needed to get a few things off my chest. Get my head straight, that sort of thing. Firstly, and from a personal point of view, many, many thanks for the letters and emails of support for the site. Despite what the occasional cynic may think, I didn’t shut this site down for personal gratification. I did it because I was fed up with the way the club I used to support was constantly shafting me, with the way that I was constantly feeling pressurised to come up with the goods when all I wanted to do was jack it. Until MK was approved, that was always the case.

Secondly, I feel a duty to say something. Anything. When the approval was announced, I was going to never speak to, go to, or have anything to do with, anything WFC (RIP) related again. In many ways, I still don’t, though the feeling of anger and the sheer need to do something has bitten me. WFC has been as much a part of my bloodstream as haemoglobin, red blood cells and Guinness. No matter how hard I try, I can’t knock it down.

Thirdly, I’m angry. Not just as how this has happened but for everyone who fought. I’m angry because of the old guys I know and have known, who have seen us rise from non-league to top flight. I’m angry because of all the sweat, blood and tears that WISA have put in, only for the end result to be totally fucked. I’m angry for those who won’t be able to take their kids to see Wimbledon FC. But most of all, I’m angry because of the sheer injustice of it all. Koppout is and was a zero, but he had enough bribery attempts and finally got his way. He’s laughing at us for now, and that’s what’s so disgusting. As it stands, he’s won. And he has won at our expense.

Or has he? Even the FA were unsure of the decision, and that speaks volumes. But is this IT? Really? Doesn’t seem real somehow. And what of the Football League, their rulebooks? There is anarchy on the way. They claim it’s a unique situation, but as we all know, the next greedy little opportunist will have all the precidence in the world now. You wait – Tranmere have hinted at it, you can bet that people like Bury, Carlisle, Lincoln and any other club in perceived peril will now be getting their Rand McNally out if they haven’t already. The FA have let the parasites in.

So what now? Firstly, and very short termly, those responsible for this all will be looking over their shoulder for the rest of their days. Not a threat, nor even a promise, just sheer hard fact. It only took one person to kill hundreds in Oklahoma. It can very easily take one person to nobble Koppout. No matter how hard he tries to keep us away, somebody will get him. Those on the Commission cannot sleep easy at all. The line has been crossed, and to be honest those responsible have forfeited all right to protection. If I was to wake up tomorrow and find out that Koppout has been found hanging with a tire around his neck, I genuinely wouldn’t be sad at all….

Secondly, we must find a cohesive plan that everyone can agree to. Do we try and take WFC (RIP) back? Do we form “Real WFC”? Whatever, we need as many people onside as possible. It’s too hard for people to walk away, I did try it but as said above, it’s in my blood too much. The coming weeks and months are critical, but remember that we have right on our side. We always did, and there’s a part of me that still makes me believe we still will. The victors are ultimately losers, as somebody apart from me may have once said.

Thirdly, whatever route we take, we must never let people forget it. We, the fans, may be (excuse the language) the niggers of football supporters, constantly shafted and ridiculed, but we are damn organised. We’ve proven it, and as said above, we lost to bribery. And you can’t fight deep corruption. If nothing else, make people remember.

As for me and this site, the fact that I’ve returned speaks volumes. It may be the first of the resurrection, or you could be reading the last rites. Like the club I used to support, it may come back or it may not. Either way, it took death to bring the hope of life. Or something.

Honour without blemish