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AFC Wimbledon

Wimbledon Football Club – 1889-2002

AFC Wimbledon – 2002-……..

Yeah, great innit?

What was that expression I used recently? Sometimes, death means life or something. Anyway, to say that the past 72 hours have been somewhat emotionally strained is saying something. On Tuesday 28 May 2002, I think throwing one’s body under a southbound Northern line train at Colliers Wood was a legit career move. As of today, there is an optimism I don’t think I have ever witnessed at one football club.

When even this fanzine’s editor is starting to feel the old creative juices flowing in the loin area (ooer) and does more updates in three days than in a whole 2 weeks of the last campaign, you know something is going to happen and for once pleasantly surprise us. Let’s face it, after the shock died down, I’m glad that the club I used to support is dead. The way it had been constantly raped, pillaged, prostituted out by such utter filth (you know who I’m referring to), it just wouldn’t be worth saving it. The fact that the somewhat gullible and misguided residents of Milton Keynes are now embracing (supposedly) this complete shell of a club speaks more volumes than I could give justice to. And I haven’t even started on Reg Davis yet.

Think about it, what is going up there? A club that has buggered up its academy status, got rid of half its playing staff, manager and an admin team that is by all accounts VERY disgruntled. Yeah, I hear that NOW there’s going to be £40m spent on it, like you never saw that coming. Milton Keynes FC will be the only club now splashing out big dough in the Nationwide, and that will certainly raise the suspicions. Only way to survive? Yeah, right.

There are more sinister things afoot – there are apparently plans to keep the Wimbledon name going up there, by changing the name of “Bletchley” to “Wimbledon Park”. Yeah, you read that right. So, Koppout’s Boer roots are finally coming to the fore. That is our main fight, the right to our soul. Koppout is clearly pissed off that we even challenged him, so he’s trying to go for the most offensive thing he can destroy – our dignity. He’s using the museum/name/tix bollocks to antagonise us. Well, I hate to disappoint him, so here’s a bit of antagonism to Koppout back, vintage SW19’s ARMY style

Heey, Charlie Koppout. This is NOT South Africa in the apartheid era, which you live in. This is civilised northern Europe, where such things as human rights exist. You bribed that panel. You bribed them with money. You bribed them with gold. You bribed them with narcotics. Hell, you dick sucked each and everyone of them until dry and you STILL couldn’t get the Ryman guy to come in your mouth. You allowed your decrepid daddy to buttfuck you didn’t you? That’s how you got your slimey little friends in the Law Society on your side, eh? Ain’t down to your talent and good looks, is it? Go on, sue me. Sue me motherfuck. You read Playgirl don’t you? No, I forgot, you’re on one of those child porn rings aren’t you? Yeah, that’s how else you bribed that panel. “Lolita Birthday Party” wasn’t it? Bet you and fellow bum chum sTench formed a human train over that. No, you won’t sue will you? Because you’re gutless. Because you can’t fight like a man. Never have, never could. Because your yellow streak reaches from here to those Soweto townships your daddy built and back again. Feel suitably antagonised yet? No doubt you’re still laughing and calling me a loser. Well, if winning is being like you, I’m sure even Michael Schumacher will settle for second best. Still not wound you up? OK, I saw your wife the other day. And your kid. It doesn’t look remotely like you………………… *

* – and if Koppout does sue me over this, I am of course joking and mean none of it whatsoever.


So what of AFC Wimbledon? It is admittedly going to be a somewhat tall order to get it in preperation by August. But the will IS there, anyone at the WISA AGM will testify. I’ve seen fights in 1986 against the club. I’ve seen us move to SP in 1991 without so much of a whimper. I’ve seen us fight (if you can call the somewhat meek efforts of the Official Supporters Club at the time that) against the ground situation between 1992 and 1996. I’ve witnessed and fought against the Dublin Dons, the QPR merger and the wave of Milton Keynes that ultimately undid us. That is a helluva long time to be constantly at war, way TOO long. It was going to kill us eventually, but as said above, I’m glad the now MKFC is dead – old readers of SW19 know exactly what I thought of the way MKFC ran its affairs. And that is why people are so excited about AFCW : because it’s us who’s running it. And not even we can fight against ourselves 🙂

There are many wrinkles to iron out, and this won’t be easy at all. Players, kit, manager, hell even where we’ll be playing is yet to be decided. The people setting this up need £19k for something stadium related (I think – don’t quote me). If you want to help, they’re accepting kites for £200 for AFCW season tickets, contact address is here:

The Dons Trust,
c/o Mr R Trayhorn, Treasurer of The Dons Trust.
37 Albemarle Gardens
New Malden,

Write SEASON TICKET ADVANCE on reverse of cheque, together with full name, address and Membership No. (if applicable).

Be quick though, they need the dough pretty urgently.

AFCW isn’t 100% welcomed by everyone, there are one or two (and I stress, one or two) who would prefer to see us still fight for MKFC but IMO that fight is futile. The vast, VAST concensus is the one being taken now, people really want to see this succeed. They want to see it succeed because we’re too fed up with being shat upon. We’re too fed up with having the club we support do nothing whatsoever to get us back home. They want to see it succeed because it will be the ultimate two-fingers to Koppout and his franchised bowl of pus. But perhaps most of all, people want to see it succeed because we have a right to enjoy football every so often.

We shall see what happens in the foreness of time. In the meantime, enjoy the World Cup. And come on Ireland..

Honour without blemish