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I am the resurrection, and I am the light The continued resurrection continues? Since I last wrote, we now actually have a club which will be playing competitive football next season. Admittedly, hearing the news that the Ryman League refused to let us in was a kick in the bollocks too far. Shock, bewilderment and a great deal of anger (together with a suspicion that a certain Rent Boy had been bunging some more brown envelopes to certain non-league chairmen) was replaced a week later by sheer unbridled joy.

Purchase Tramadol Cod Fedex As I write this, the first trials have finished. Hugely attended by players and fans alike, the buzz reported is monumental, and that can only be good. Compare this to what’s happening at Milton Keynes FC (nee Some Team I Had Some Time For Once FC) and one looks vibrant and one looks like it’s on death’s door. No prizes for guessing which is which

Indeed, looking at the MKFC websites, together with stories correlated (all right, nicked) from various sources, they seem ironically in more trouble now they got what they wanted. As it stands at the moment, MKFC could be forced to play at least some games back at SP whilst they try and figure out ways of bunging a few quid to the National Hockey Stadium. Which is disasterous for them because they need MKFC to be in MK as soon as. The main fanbase is now elsewhere, it’ll only be those types who like staring at car accidents (plus the 40 million free tickets they’ll have to give away) at SP. Again, the whole thing from the Rent Boy’s point of view could be turning very sour very quickly……….. And speaking of turning sour very quickly, here’s some news : SW19 will be ressurected for the new season. Yeah, I know I said I was quitting, I know I’m a two-faced liar, and I know I have the backbone of a decapitated worm, but this is a new WFC I’m supporting now. Or rather, the one that I fell in love with virtually 20 years ago now (hopefully without the constant ability to self-destruct, like it has done since at least 1986). If you can forgive me for coming back now, I’m happy to do it. Word of warning though – it will not be as updated (could well be a match-reports-with-a-couple-of-add-ons only site) as the “old” SW19, there won’t be half as many features but it’ll make my life easier.

The “old” SW19 will be scrapped totally, it refers to an entity I no longer recognise (not to mention some right embarrasing shit I wrote, hindsight eh?). The new SW19 will focus on AFCW and primarily maintaining a highly militant stance on fighting Milton Keynes FC, encouraging the causing of major (legal) grief. Kinda how it used to be before people told me how much they liked it and I was becoming far too establishment 🙂 How long I will keep SW19 in general going rather depends on my state of mind which thankfully is much better than when I pulled the plug. It will DEFFO stop once AFCW is playing in Merton, there will be no need for it then. Layouts will be different, though far easier for me to maintain. I will fully guarantee you though that the design will be crap. Anyway, that’s it until the next time. You know the friendlies, you know where they are and whatnot. There’ll be a lot of shit going down still, keep them peeled. Keep sticking up two fingers to those who deserve them. And please keep buying me pints of Guinness to keep my brain active……………. In the words of Dave Bassett, enjoy the game.

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