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The fightback continues

Just a mere matter of days as I write this before what has to be the most eagerly anticipated pre-season game in living memory. No hyperbole, people are really getting excited over this.

And the reason why? As any Scorpio worth his/her salt will tell you, it just feels right. See, basically previous pre-seasons have been expecting the powers that be that have ruined what we now call MKFC to do what we wanted. You know what they are. However, due to brown envelopes, crooked landowners, highly suspect off-shore accounts and every other bit of shit I can find under the sun, we are now starting again, 6 divisions lower, a lot poorer but a helluva lot happier. Where there were three different companies all designed to (allegedly of course) syphon dough out of WFC Ltd, there’s now a trust set up in mutuality*, all for not-for-profit, all for the greater good of the community. And other such nice sounding buzzwords. Time will of course tell how the pressures of capitalism will affect such viewpoints, but whatever, things are looking up

* – quick note to all those heavily involved in AFCW. Don’t get too self-congratulatory with the fact that AFCW is a mutual society or whatever it’s called. As people like the Abbey, Halifax, Bradford and Bingley and now Nationwide will testify, there is nothing to stop your ordinary members changing from such a status if they feel obliged to. Especially if things can’t or won’t get done (or at least seem to get done). Just a friendly word of advice from the SW19 Financial Management Expert.

Meanwhile, over at Kentucky Fried Chicken Franchise Outlet FC, they’re in severe shit aren’t they? Stop laughing. The very fact that they’re stuck in London SE25 for the foreseeable future is bad enough, but their situation is even more fucked because:

a) they will have VERY few people paying to get in next season

b) any and all momentum a move to Bucks they would have had has been lost, probably for good.

c) Ron Noades was apparently thinking of putting up the rent.

d) The Sky TV Nationwide deal will only get them something like £500k

And anything else I’ve forgotten. Seriously, they really will need to start bailing water quickly. I have given the whole organisation 5 years maximum to survive : no matter where they go, the absolute club from top to bottom stinks of shit. It has done for many years, from perhaps the Uncle Ron era, certainly through the Lebanese Al-Qaeda Funder’s reign, and now coming to a head under the Rent Boy and Shipping Criminal’s tutelage. As I mentioned earlier, the entire organisation is run purely (allegedly again) to take money out and put it elsewhere, and if it all goes pear-shaped, then people like the Rent Boy will have to take MAJOR personal loss. Ever get the feeling that Koppout expected MK to fail, went on a one-boy sabotage rampage and then realised that he had to sleep in the bed he just destroyed? The stories behind the Hockey Stadium failure seem par for the course, I really get the impression he doesn’t know what he’s doing. Shame.

As for more shame, SW19 won’t be back for the Sutton game at least. Probably not until the start of the AFCW season, this is purely down to me being a lazy bastard circumstances beyond my control. That and I STILL haven’t got the $25 I need to do what I want to do. Come on, cough up and I’ll cough. Or something.

There will be more later, for now I need to see what I’m doing on the 10th August. Hmm, some little club from Buckinghamshire is playing in South East London…

Honour without blemish