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What’s going on?

OK, forget all pretence about flashy websites, which uses more graphic intensive displays and actually look professional – SW19 is back, poor navigation, suspect design et al. Swearing, snarling, and generally pissed off with life yet again. All you expect. Well, almost.

You will have noticed that the back in black approach has been taken. Well, I like it. The little terrorist dude stays, the slogan remains the same. The moroseness will be in evidence and you’ll STILL be complaining about match reports. And Tripod.

Anyway. What’s been happening since I last updated (ie Slutton?). Well, we haven’t won a game yet. Unsurprising, as the whole club hasn’t exactly been going for two months now is it? To say the atmosphere is far better than at any time at a club called Wimbledon for at least a decade : I even enjoyed losing to Sham 69 by 5-0. Reports from Windsor suggested that we played quite well and are improving all the time. One day we may even draw a game.

Some heroes are already starting to emerge. Terry Eames is gaining major popularity by merely posting on guestbooks. The guy called Trigger (Glenn Mulcaire) has already got his own song, Mehmet Mehmet too has his own lame chant and I went to school with Simon Bassey. Then again, I also went to school with Steve Finnan.

There’s also some other club who plays in South East London who needs constant carping at. No, not Fisher, they’re now known as Franchise FC, or MKFC (anyone who calls them FFC are complete Koppouts. Sorry. that is a bit harsh…). It’s fair to say that “Guess The Attendance” will be fun this season there. Rumours abound that their season ticket sales range from 19 through to 500, though the real figure is probably inbetween the two. The OWFF (bless it) reportedly has 250 eligible people. Now, by “eligible”, I mean ST holders AND club members. That’s fucked.

Course, I could go into major cabbage bashing of Carlton “ex-hero” Fairweather, or the 16 or so people who turned up to MKFC vs Swindon (I know it was 16, I counted them), but I won’t. What I will say is, get down to SP for one last party down there on the 10th. Hell, even I may turn up for the Farley mega piss up, though I’ll be the sensible one, telling people that drinking is bad for you 🙂

In the meantime, enjoy this site’s return. I suppose I ought to resurrect it, and now I have. I want bloody help doing it this time though…….