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Ruby Tuesday. Aka Sold Ground for housing 0 Sold Ground for, erm… 0. And actually, it was pretty non descript. Except for the fact that the pitch wasn’t very good.

In fact, I’m struggling about this one, it wasn’t like the othergames at all. Cooper had a 1-on-1 with the goalkeeper (or something like a 1-on-1 anyway) and managed to shoot at him, and, er, that was it. Oh yeah, couple of punch ups. Yeah, that got the pulse racing. Dirty fuckers are Southall. Still, wasn’t it like old times with a guaranteed ruck on the pitch every game? Love it.

Anyhow, if I must…

Plus points: We didn’t lose. Keeping a clean sheet for the first time in our history (and doesn’t that sound good?). Solid in defence.

Minus points: We didn’t win. Crap game.

The referee’s a ……… : If the Ash one deserves to die for sheer bias, the one last night deserves to die simply because he didn’t know how to handle it. Gutless, spineless. Any other adjectives which won’t get me done under slander laws? If you’ve got any, insert them here.

The most important factor of all : Yes, the curry. Three different delicacies, the obligatory chicken tikka masala which was very edible. Chicken was tender and not too dry. Rice was steamed, not pilau, which added to it. Nice naan bread as well (or was it chapati?), even though I don’t really eat that sort of stuff. The other dishes on display (one lamb, one veg) were also reportedly very nice. Samosas were OK, not the best I’ve ever tasted but not the worst either. The kebab roll was delicious though, right amount of spicyness in it. Filling, too. Washed down with some gorgeous and authentic bottled Highland Spring. The caterers for this occasion were one of the top four Indian restaurants in Southall, who also specialise in Indian weddings. Much recommended.

Point to ponder: If we ever get our own ground, do you think we could have similar? Tooting (Islamic Republic of) is near us, and there are a couple of Southall type ventures around. Chinese? Turkish? Get some “theme” days going, or even better have them as permanent fixtures. Also, wasn’t it nice to have something other than junk food at a game?

Quote: “Why can’t we win at night? Do we need to photosynthesise?” – horticulturally clued up Womble on our inability to win night games

Truth is stranger than fiction : (1) Curry. Sorry, needed to be said. (2) Almost having the game held up because of the curry queue. (3) Seeing more asians at a football game than ever before. A telling sign of football race relations, though I’m not sure in what way. (4) First ever 0-0 in the history of AFCW. (5) First ever 0-0 in the CCL this season.

Anything else? Yeah, did our esteemed chairman, Mr K Stewart, really hold back some irate Wombles?

So was it worth it? Catering – yes. Game – pass.

In a nutshell: I feel like tikka tonight