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Reading the script


Zolpidem Canada Online Sorry about last week. Shit happens. Speaking of which – wasn’t Writing 2 Reading 0 kewl? Much better than last week, though I gather that playing with two semi-fit strikers up front rather than one unfit striker up front normally does help you win games. Anyway, I can’t remember if Reading Town had a shot on goal. It was a bit of a comprehensive performance, and a couple of goals more wouldn’t have looked out of place. Still, a win is a win, and given last week’s debacle, it was nice to see a good game The SP…. Plus points: A win. Clean sheet. Good defensive performance all round. Finding spaces up front and carving them open. Good subbing (were they the two Keith Curlesque new guys?). Minus points: I didn’t win Golden Goal. The referee’s a ……… : Wasn’t bad at all actually. Let the game flow

Slow: Joe Sheerin. Still. OK, so he’s moving quicker these days, but then so is Christopher Reeves.

Purchase Zolpidem Quotes: (1) “That team we don’t talk about” – dad to son, as overheard in the carpark before the game. Team in question isn’t Man U BTW. (2) “Do you want to feel my furry bits?” – 1970s Drummer Womble on the now officially seductive SI logo felt patch on the shirts. Rumours that the said material is to be sold in sex shops as an erotic aid are as yet unfounded. Music to watch girls by: I need the following explained. Just why do we come out to and go off to the theme tune to Hawaii 5-0? And why did we get a blast of Kenny G during a break in the second half???

Sing Hosanna: The Reading goalie got a bit of abuse today. Took it well though. Standard fayre, though the bandana wearing physio for Reading did get a rather lovingly chorus of “He’s got a tea towel on his head”. Somebody was also reported to “take it up the bum” though I imagine that could be happening to somebody later tonite.

Question: Was I the only person unable to read the shirt numbers on Reading’s kit?

Truth is stranger than fiction : I realised today that this time last year, we were playing in a huge stadium, watching very highly paid professionals yet not giving a shit. A year later, we are now playing in a smaller stadium, to pro rata bigger crowds, eight divisions lower and yet we’re happier than we have been for eons. It’s not just me who has noticed this, surely?

Anything else? Yeah, another nice ruck on the pitch, third in a row. Love it. Course, it’s all handbags ATM but wait until the first proper fight on the pitch occurs – blood, broken jaws etc. Wonder if the problems at Ash and at Southall woke up the pugilistic side of our squad?

So, was it worth it? I would say so.

In a nutshell : Where the fuck is Brimsdown?