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Paying the penalty


Bloody hell. Was On Celsi’s Doorstep 3 On Spurz’s Doorstep 3 [AET, On Celsi’s Doorstep win 5-4 in a nailbiting penalty shootout] nervewracking or what? I’m exhausted even now (my typing’s gone up shit creek certainly). Anyway, where shall we start? OK, it was actually quite shit for the first half. On second thoughts, it was very shit. Comparisons between this and just about every second round League Cup game are coincidental. Honest. Second half, we only really started getting going after their second goal – after that, oh boy. Typically, I missed the first goal (queuing for grub), the second goal was almost predictable, given how we’d been playing

Now, extra time and penalties was NOT on the agenda, and we looked shattered. But despite going 3-2 down, we knew we were going to claw back. And we did. And it went to penalties. And we won. And I’m still too mentally drained to expand any more, so…

Plus points: The whole thing after the second goal. Comeback Central. Playing with 10 men

Minus points: Our defence is shit

The referee’s a ………….. : Oh boy. Does giving an offside from a backpass give you an idea of what he was like?

Explanation needed : Just HOW did we miss from 6 yards out in the final minute?

Quotes: (1) “We all know how good we are as a big club” – CUNW, on our newly found status as the Juventus of the CCL. (2) “If you’d told me a year ago that we would be biting our nails in the London Senior Cup….” – Womble in front of me, not exact quote but then my mind was occupied on other things. Penalty shootouts, for starters.

Did you know? Brimsdown Rovers play in B&W because they were formed by a load of ex-pat Geordies? Nothing changes – Newcastle lost last night as well

The West Bank Tenors : Now, I know that homophobic chanting isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but please remember that this is a football match and not the fucking Labour Party Conference. “Does he take it up the arse”, “Does your boyfriend know you’re here?” and “He loves his vaseline” may send your average PC Womble into appoplexy but their goalie did let in three goals. Mission accomplished. We all know that if the goalkeeper was openly gay that “You’re straight AAAAA” and “Does your missus know you’re here?” would be the chants. Anyway, usual chants. And “you’re going to get your fucking head kicked in” in a pleasant form of nostalgia. Aaah…

Hmmm : Did that really only look 1500 odd last night?

Truth is stranger than fiction: (1) Our first ever win under floodlights at home? Must be. (2) We have been unbeaten in the London Senior Cup since 1976. (3) Lot of reserve teamers playing last night for us, which makes the result even more satisfying. (4) Us giving it to the Brimsdown players, them giving some back during the penalty shootouts and afterwards applauding us off. Go figure.

Anything else? Yeah, my report doesn’t do the sheer emotion of this game justice. With luck there’s a video available of it, if so get it. Having people openly chanting AFCW songs and being legitimately happy after a London Senior Cup preliminary is a sight to behold.

Franchise FC Watch: Yeah, they got permission for their Plough Lane size stadium on the MK Bowl site, despite lots of residents objections. Wankelmann was there, and needless to say he avoided every difficult question. The guy is living reason why marijuana should never be legalised. Looks like the councillors involved in this acted all predicably spineless. If you know my views on councillors and politicians in general, you’ll know what I think. If you don’t, I think that all councillors and politicians are two-faced lying pieces of horse shit and should all be hung with piano wire in public, and their remains fed to the starving in Ethiopia. Let’s face it, they only pretend to care what you’re doing, they love raising YOUR taxes to fund their little drug deals (all right, how else do they come out with the crap they do?) and they all are part of the criminal fraternity who they claim to abhor. Needless to say, their capitulation surprises me not. Just think, if it wasn’t for a few bribes and a bit of principle, we could have triple celebrated last night with Franchises’ imminent bankrupcy. Oh well, some people still think they do a good job, probably the same sort of idiots who still think that MK is a good idea, or follow Franchise. Still, Koppout’s happy and that’s all that matters, right?

So, was it worth it? Ask me when I’ve calmed down

In a nutshell: This is retro. This is good.