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Baby Comeback


OK then, all together now ……… 3-1 down and 4-3 up, doo dah, doo dah. Ahem. For the second game in a row, South of Heaven 4 North of Greenford 3 had it all – comebacks, sendings off, moments of skill, excitement and on occasions excrement. As I now officially have the attention span of a dead ant and the short term memory of a goldfish, I won’t bore you with the details of who scored or anything boring like that. So instead, I will marvel at the way we fought back, especially after their bloke got sent off. Our defense, though, really is something else. How many holes did they find? Against a better team, we’d struggle.

Still, not to worry. Once again, that was a pure emotional rush. Who says that non-league football is dull?

Inwards and upwards….

Plus points: We won. After being 3-1 down (and 4-3 up, doo dah doo dah….. ahem). Picked up well after going 3-1 down (and 4-3 up, do….. all right, that’s enough) when all seemed lost. Guts. Fighting spirit.

Minus points: Defence is shite. Giving ourselves too much to do

The referee’s a …………………. : Best described as a “tosser” by somebody infinitely more respectable than me.

Idle thought: Did this whole thing have a Wednesday hangover feel about it? Would explain a lot. Thankfully, we found the Alka-Seltzer in time.

Quotes: (1) “Sign him up” – cry from our lot whenever North Greenford scored. At this rate we’ll have more players than fans. (2) “Come on Shipps” – CUNW, in perhaps a moment of not thinking straight. Either that or he has let slip a secret that he dare not reveal. (3) “Aston Fucking Villa” – CUNW again, after the 4th went in. For the uninitated, look up the first game that Oyvind Leonhardsen played for WFC (when WFC was WFC and not MKFC). (4) “That was a shite corner” – your humble, esteemed and appaulingly bad at predicting editor before we scored the first goal (from a corner, natch). Given my obvious skill (?) at ESP, I would like to wish Sam Hammam all the best.

Kewl: JD academy. Looked well attended and all the kids loved it.

Not so kewl: Me losing on the raffle. I swear it’s fixed.

Song sung blue: Some people are still getting a little hacked off by the anti-homosexual chants towards opposition goalkeepers, though IMO I hardly heard any of it today. This despite the goalkeeper dressing in pink (“What’s it like to play in pink?”). Heard “Do you swim with Barrymore?” as well, but that was about it. Wonder if it will die off soon? Looks like it will. Thought it was a bit subdued today as it goes, looks like Wednesday caught up with people. Even the comeback seemed just a tinsy winsy bit flat. Have we got a game this week? Better not, those batteries need recharging.

Wanker: Bobby Watson, aka their #10. Yes, you. Don’t try and act all clever by doing the “hero worship” position. Otherwise you will get your fucking head kicked in. Shame you went off, eh? Tosser.

Anything else? Let me see, we’re 4th aren’t we? Oh yeah, and Raynes Park Vile lost in the FA Vase. Ha.

Franchise FC watch: Today against Coventry, they got 2077. Their lowest attendance this season. We will doubtless see a few more pics of empty stands, including some papers that get sold in Milton Keynes. Hardly a ringing endorsement is it? We got 3158 or so today, 1081 more fans. Chronic. Incidentally, Franchise also did (allegedly) a kids thing today apparently. No rats smelt there.

And speaking of rats to be smelt, Koppout was apparently going to meet the remaining gimps who cling to that club to sort out how to get travel to MK. Now, I wonder if (a) anyone popped in IYSWIM and (b) if Koppout did the utter dirty on them? And am I the only person cynical enough to believe that Koppout is deliberately trying to get attendances as low as possible at SP so he can claim bigger percentage increases at MK?

Oh, and for the second week in a row at least, they didn’t get mentioned on BBC Radio 5’s roundup.

So, was it worth it? What do you think?

In a nutshell : Oh no, here it comes…… 3-1 down and 4-3 up, doo dah, doo dah. 3-1 down and 4-3 up, doo dah doo dah day. Doo dah doo dah day, doo dah doo dah day, 3-1 down and 4-3 up, doo dah doo dah day. Look what this club has done to me.