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Bunch of wallies Published by REPD on Tramadol Buying Uk 23 November 2002


Buying Tramadol Online Illegal Our cup final, and boy did we lose it or what? AFCW 3 AFCW 0 sucked. Seriously, it sucked. A 2000+ attendance was treated to a few defensive errors and a second half so devoid of any idea that we really needn’t have bothered. OK, I’m being harsh : from the time when we conceeded our first goal to JS’s sending off, we really did make the other AFCW look ordinary. How they haven’t lost a game yet I don’t know. But we’re now officially on a slump – three games in a row lost – and our shooting has once again become as potent as a discussion between the FBU and the Government. Methinks we need ideas bucking up… Anyway. Plus points: Not bad between 5 and 25 minutes or so. The final whistle.

Best Price Tramadol Online Minus points: Too obvious to mention The referee’s a …………….. : fucking prick. Well, that’s what JS was alledged to have said to him anyway, and who are we to disagree? Womble Aggro : OK, there was enough OB outside after the game to make it a Prem match, and despite no copper telling anyone what happened, here goes : Oxford United fans, who had been warned were coming down (as their Kiddie game was called off), came down. Reportedly some Reading and Stoke turned up as well. The atmosphere in the bar right before KO was getting a bit “passionate”, which led your humble and esteemed editor to wonder aloud that it could go too far. Anyway, at HT in the bar – after some verbals during the game – it kicked off. Although the OB has absolved us of any blame, it did appear that some of our lot retaliated after Oxford started it. Resultantly, lots of blood (including one Dons fan with his face cut, see below), lots of broken furniture, that sort of thing. Have we now got our own firm? Wallingford: Usual quaint town/village type thing. Got a bit nervous walking around there before the game, in case I was mugged by a couple of old grannies and taken to a crafts fair, where I was made to buy a doylie against my will. Points to ponder: (1) Why do we hype ourselves up to the point where we can’t deliver? Seriously, this is like WFC all over again. Larging it up as the “big one” may give good hyperbole but it really almost every time backfires. Today feels like the end of the world if you believe the hype, but in the scheme of things it’s a loss before half-way in the season (2) There needs to be a serious sit-down with AFCW and the other clubs in the CCL, because today witnessed the most unpleasant incidents this season, and probably the most serious one involving a Dons fan since the stabbing by a Sheff Wed fan in the 90s. Today, when one of the other AFCW players got his marching orders, he sarcastically and antagonistally clapped the entire stadium – that to my mind inflames situations. Really, our top brass should be telling the other CCL clubs that such behaviour isn’t on, and if the other clubs won’t tell their players to stop doing such stupid things, well…….. We all know about Ash and G&G, and in instances like these, I sometimes wonder if it’s worth trying to be friendly to all of these clubs, and whether it’s really a one-way street if all we get are the oppo players winding us up and incidents like at HT today. Right now, one of our guys apparently has a rather nasty gash on him. That’s when little incidents like I mentioned just now are followed to its logical conclusions.

Tramadol Legal To Order Online Truth is stranger than fiction: (1) The, ahem, “choo choo” train that ferried many a Womble to/from a BR station. Didn’t go on it but was reportedly more reliable than Virgin Trains. (2) Your humble and esteemed editor being seen in a Volvo in the centre of Henley. My image of the salt of the earth, man of the people working class type anti-hero has been destroyed, and I am no more than a middle class nonce. I shall be down the Carlton Club if anyone wants me. (3) The somewhat bizzare sight of a kids penalty shootout going on and holding up the second half of the game. Not quite a bad idea, when you consider the kids were giving our players valuable shooting lessons

Tramadol Hcl Online Anything else? Yeah. Wasn’t it muddy? This is real non-league football of course, and methinks the Dons Trust must surely be doing DT wellies before long. So, was it worth it? No

In a nutshell: Still a long way to go. In both senses of the word.